Principessa™ Barbie® Doll

A new Silkstone doll debuted today. She is called Principessa. Here is the description from the Barbie Collector website:
Per Cent’Anni! “For a Hundred Years” is the perfect toast to our stunning bride. Principessa Barbie® doll says “Si” to a life of amore, dressed in an ivory wedding dress extravagantly embellished with sequined silvery embroidery and capped with romantic puff sleeves. The tea length skirt is lined in organza and worn over a demure petticoat. Inspired by classic Italian cinema, the close-up worthy accessories include a rhinestone-studded tiara worn with an ivory veil, shortie gloves, “bouquet,” and prayer “book.”
The doll retails for $125.

If nothing else, Mattel excels in their photograph and settings. This is a fabulous example of the work that they put into presenting their Silkstone dolls. I want to know who that doll is with the crossed legs! Is this a sign of things to come? She looks like a Silkie.

As for the bride, she won't be joining my collection as I've sworn off adding more Silkstones unless one comes along that is killer amazing. Principessa has a lovely face but the dress doesn't wow me.


  1. The photoshoots is what Mattel is best at. It really does create a fanciful idea in your mind that makes you want to have that particular doll in your collection. For me at least, LOL. As for the lady herself, can't say I'm gasping in delight myself but I do like her and plan to get her. Not in the near future of course. Speaking as a collector of some years I do think we're all past the point of thinking anything killer amazing. At this point it really comes down to personal preference formed by years of looking at and discriminating between dolls. But of course they are a few that stands above the others and that does make a difference. So I wish you luck on finding the doll of your liking..=)

    1. I'm always finding dolls of my liking! It's not difficult. They just keep going up in price because I'm branching out into different types of dolls.

    2. Good for you! Branching out is a great way to get the best of everything. Unfortunately for me it's hard to forsake Barbie so most of the time it's nothing more than wishful thinking. Therefore for me it's between silkie and non silkie (vinyl) Barbies. Silkies is a relatively new thing for me so that's why I'm quite ready to be wowed by them. But I do realize that some are better than others so I'm putting some effort to get these dolls. As for other dolls like FRs and Tonners, I guess I'll be satisfied with seeing lovely dolly shots from fellow collectors like you. Would love to see what you would purchase next and your photos of them...;)

  2. My eye went straight to the dolly with crossed legs. There's a story there that I wanna know about! Jealous sister? Disapproving mother-in-law? The mistress? Lol

  3. She has glitter eyeshadow. *Shudder*. I wouldn't mind getting her if she didn't have that playline glitter! :(

  4. Hi Terri,

    I'm with you on the gown it looks so much like all those umbrella dresses. Like an afterthought with no consideration for the actual draping of the fabric. And, for this price (which I have no problem paying for stellar dolls) is most definitely not worth the price. I have several Silkies, but stopped way back. The face never changes. It makes me think of the Pink Box dolls. Line the Silkies up side by side and they really look no different.