Superdoll Collectables' Black Friday Event

I don't know what time they put up their sales items but I know we were on the New Jersey Turnpike when I ordered what I wanted. No, I was not the driver.

Nothing can stop a doll collector - neither a moving car nor sun in her eyes!

Back to reality, in addition to giving 50% off on all items which have languished on their site for a year or more, three new adorable 50's style dress sets debuted at reasonable prices.
I wanted all three so I decided to get none of them. How's that for a reasonable decision?

A new style of shoe is offered with each of the above:

As of right now, they are all still there.


What's a Glitter Tit?


A Special Opportunity to (possibly, if you're lucky,) Spend Money

This is an opportunity for members of the W Club to enter a lottery to buy a (really adorable) gift set featuring Poppy Parker in airline attire. Airline stewardesses have been a very popular theme for dolls for a long time and Buttry has created a super collectible duo of fashions for his Poppy.

IT Airways
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Model Scene Collection
LE 800  Price: $150 

The contents of the set are one doll, two outfits, boots, shoes, earrings, wings pin, hat box.

 Who remembers the Monsieur Z dolls of 2005? I thought about them the minute I saw the gift set. I still have Fly Girl's serving tray with the carafe and cups.


Wanna see lots of airline clad dolls and humans? Here's a link to loads of Pinterest posts all in one place. Try it; you'll like it.


This link will take you to stewardesses from Braniff Airlines. See if you can find the inspiration for Buttry's designs.



Perry Marino Sculpt Rises from the Dead - Again

Yes vampire loving doll collectors, Perry Marino, whose sculpt began life (or death) in 2011 as The Count Dracula is back again in the Jem line - sans fangs.

Here he is in his second incarnation, well-dressed and pained looking. Perhaps he's hungry.
Eric Raymond™
Jem and The Holograms Collection
LE500 (They must think he'll sell out.) ETA: Approximately the First Week of December 2015

Special Holiday Pricing: $130.00 US + Shipping, Handling and Tax

I love the background in the photo on the left! However, no matter how good a photo is, no matter how many times you change the name and the clothes, you can't take the ugly out of the sculpt. Time to bury him for good.

Having misssed posting this guy, one of my alert readers sent me this photo of "Backstage Ambition," another seriously unpleasant example of Perry Marino.
Good Grief.

Integrity Toys Begins Gradual Debut of Some 2016 Dolls

They're calling the daily reveals "Happy Dolly-Days," and presenting dolls which are available through dealers immediately. This marketing technique makes it difficult to make decisions about what to buy. Some collectors will worry that if they don't order right away, the doll will be sold out.
One doesn't know what's going to be revealed the next day.
After all, they are in business to make money.

First up is a group of four from The Fashion Teen Collection. Tulabelle's first sculpt has resurfaced as Mallory Martin. 
Each is a limited edition of 300, priced at $150.

Clear Over Here - Poppy Parker
Head Sculpt: Fashion Teen™ Poppy
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Dark Brunette

Bright Idea - Mallory Martin™ 
Head Sculpt: Tulabelle 1.0

Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Light Blond

Silver Shine - Mallory Martin™
Head Sculpt: Tulabelle 1.0
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Auburn Red

Midnight Sparkle - Poppy Parker™ 
Head Sculpt: Fashion Teen Poppy Parker 
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Golden Blond



Booth and Garrick Meet

Fellow collector and friend, Maureen (Mo in PA,) dropped in yesterday with her Kinsman Garrick Doll. We spent some time in my studio comparing and photographing them.

Kinsman dolls are a welcome addition to the hi-end, realistic male BJD world. 

Maureen also brought along one of the earliest versions of Milou who got into the action, possibly against her will.

I posted this photo on Prego and asked for captions. They were all clever but the ones that had me laughing were:

—She yearned for more, but she just didn't have the guts. - Jackie_NJ 
—"come on baby, light my wire" - URIAH
I told her those crash diets are just no good for you... would she listen ... - Karen in New Zealand