Kingdom Doll Elgin

Elgin is the newest doll to be released by Kingdom Doll. Her sculpt, Icini, was used only once before on a OOAK auction doll during the Orlando convention in 2016. This was the largest edition so far from KD. Sixty-five Elgins are now in collections around the globe. Of course, this edition, like all of the others, sold out very quickly.

The sculpt, named after an ancient Brittonic tribe, Iceni, follows in the path of all of KD names which are associated with the history of Britain. You can see the names of Kingdom Doll's sculpts and one of the dolls' names on this map. Can you pick out the sculpts from the map below?


Elgin's resin is a glowing, warm tan color called Roman Bronze. Her sleek, short wig was made by Ilaria. The ivory silk satin gown is designer inspired. It's undulating flares of fabric create drama and movement while the train gives sense of stability. There is an insert of pale gold leather at the bodice.
Elgin's pumps are retro with their peep toe and platform sole. I love them and I'll be using them with other fashions.

She could be a bride doll if a collector wished. A lovely veil and a bouquet would look divine.

I'm off to play with other wigs and different outfits.

I really love this doll!