Cho:lo Doll Couture Spring/ Summer Collection 2014: "Sheer Madness"

Always highly anticipated and never disappointing, Cholo Ayuyao has released the images of his new collection entitled Sheer Madness. The collection consists of 10 OOAK magnificent fashions which are now open for silent bidding.

Im so excited to announce that the Spring Summer '14 Collection "Sheer Madness" will be out this July 19, 2014, Saturday 9:00PM, Philippine Standard Time. There will be ten looks up for silent bidding after the online presentation via my Flickr account (just click my flickr account icon on your right side) and further information regarding how to bid will be posted here on my blog also. Since we all come from different parts of the world, hence different times, there will be a 24 hour bidding time, so everyone gets a chance.

Sheer Madness came from this idea while I was competing for the Couture Doll Design Challenge, CDDC, Years back during one challenge. A famous fashion forward actress was so into herself and her fashion to the point of being admitted to a mental institution from too much fabulosity. Even in her lockdown, she imagined herself in sheer embellished straight jackets and gowns, her mind twisting and turning with the ideas of grandeur and opulence. I thought this year will be a great opportunity to do that idea and actually expand it into 10 looks. I made one single pattern for every look, but different treatments in terms of embellishments. all looks are made of layered tulle, corset back for versatile fit. Five looks are fitted on Numina body, which could also fit Inamorata dolls, JS and Deva and similar size dolls, and the other five, fitted for sybs, which could also fit JS and RDG dolls. Embellishments are translation of the fashionista's crazy mind. its opulent, there's movement, intersecting, parallel lines of twinkling beads and finished off with textures of florets, tulles amd embossed fabric flowers. Instead of wigs, I opted for a lace headgear with a gag mask. The dolls are all barefoot this season though.

(You may click on the photos to bring them to full size.)

 Cholo told me that "since darker colored dolls are close to my heart, I've added 3 looks specially for aa skin toned dolls."

These are his favorites of the collection.

 See more photos on Cholo's Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/becholo/

Bidding information:
Thank you once again for joining me in celebrating doll couture madness. To bid for one or many of the ten looks presented, pretty much its the same drill as before. Email me at d_jeweler@yahoo.com. Written on the title is the look that you want (ex "Look 9")and in your email, write down you bid for the look you want starting at 200USD, that includes international shipping already, and your shipping details (name, address and one working phone number)

Ill get back to you as soon as ive read your emails for confirmation and we would all have to wait 24 hours before the offers stop and would email back if the offers won you the look or looks and should pay promptly. Payments through Paypal Only. Thank you once again for watching the show here's to anticipating the next collection for fall/ winter 2014, "Santita"


Horsman, Ltd. Christmas in July Sale

I am so bad. I looked through the Horsman items yesterday and although the prices are ridiculously great, I decided to pass. 
Today I was browsing Prego (not a great idea if you don't want to spend $$) and I caved.  I went back to Horsman and ordered their two backdrops, (City Loft View and the Classic Column Room Backdrops,) two pairs of shoes and their well-scaled fireplace. These are for 16" dolls.

Before shipping, the total came to just under $85. The sale offers 60% off of everything on their site, dolls included. I'm not a fan of the Vita doll but if you are...get in there and order one or two. A $200. doll will cost you $80.  Some of the furniture is sold out already but there's still plenty available. I was hoping for the storefront but alas, it was not listed. 

Link: http://www.horsmanltd.com/default.asp

Do let me know if I've enabled you. :-)


Surprise...It's a Poppy or Two

In a surprising turn of events, the IFDC souvenir and companion dolls were both Poppy Parkers! Diehard Poppy fans who did not attend the event are fuming and feeling betrayed because it will be very expensive to secure these dolls on the secondary market. If eBay is a guideline, they will go for between $250. — $375. and up.

The convention souvenir is called "Glamorous Darling." She is part of the Poppy Parker 5th Anniversary Collection and has a hybrid body with a high-heeled foot. My personal preference is for the fashion foot as the articulated ankle always looked awkward to me.

As I noted in my last blog post, Poppy is looking more mature and glamorous. Is she not going to continue being the teenage model she started out began as?
She's also graduated to a contemporary accessory seen here in the platform shoes.

She is a beautiful doll IMO.

The companion doll is called "IT Girl." I love what this doll is wearing and I'd like to own her!

So, what do you think? Are you a Poppy collector? Will you try to get these dolls? Of the three, which is your favorite? Do you wish IT would have kept these dolls and had their dealers offer them to collectors?