Surprise...It's a Poppy or Two

In a surprising turn of events, the IFDC souvenir and companion dolls were both Poppy Parkers! Diehard Poppy fans who did not attend the event are fuming and feeling betrayed because it will be very expensive to secure these dolls on the secondary market. If eBay is a guideline, they will go for between $250. — $375. and up.

The convention souvenir is called "Glamorous Darling." She is part of the Poppy Parker 5th Anniversary Collection and has a hybrid body with a high-heeled foot. My personal preference is for the fashion foot as the articulated ankle always looked awkward to me.

As I noted in my last blog post, Poppy is looking more mature and glamorous. Is she not going to continue being the teenage model she started out began as?
She's also graduated to a contemporary accessory seen here in the platform shoes.

She is a beautiful doll IMO.

The companion doll is called "IT Girl." I love what this doll is wearing and I'd like to own her!

So, what do you think? Are you a Poppy collector? Will you try to get these dolls? Of the three, which is your favorite? Do you wish IT would have kept these dolls and had their dealers offer them to collectors?


  1. I am hoping for both these dolls, we will see! I won't bother with the blonde because I thought her side swept bangs were awkward the way they seemed to end abruptly. I felt they should have had a little more length and a slight bend to the side.

  2. The brunette, Glamorous Darling, is my favorite of the three. IT Girl has a great outfit, but her hair color and style don't fill me with admiration. The blonde doesn't feel like Poppy to me for some reason, but more like the FR. From the prices they are bringing already on the secondary market, I do wish they had been more widely available from dealers.

  3. I love that IT Girl outfit! I love the purple dress too, but wish they'd included the little bow/belt or something similar to what appears on the fashion from which it is based.

    1. I got lucky and nabbed both outfits for a really good price. I have not seen the outfits they are based on.

    2. I got glamorous darling in the lottery- but I really love IT girl and didn't have too much trouble finding someone to swap with- YAY!
      LIgal116 over on wclub found the fashions upon which the IFDC doll fashions were based- the resemblance is striking!
      Glamorous darling comparison:
      IT Girl comparison:

  4. Not a fan of this outfit.... it needs restraint... too much ... brocade, frilly neckline... belt and belted shoes... just a frilly gilly too far

    1. I see your point. I think the only thing I will eliminate is the purse. I love the rest!

  5. That turqouoise outfit needs a 'Chanel" revamp... there is too much of everything ... the fussy neckline, the belt, the belted shoes....

  6. i love these dolls but i think they are a bit too matchy matchy - like purple lips, purple shadow, purple dress, purple jewelry,purple shoes, purple purse...gee...The dress of the purple one reminds me of Barbie ball gown but in a better quality. Anyway, did you end up winning any of the dolls? Or buying them?