Integrity Toys' ITBE "Reflective" and the FR16 Ankle Problem

Of the four available ITBE 16" dolls, I was immediately drawn to Reflective because of her sculpt, her hair and her coloring. As of right now, she is the only one that is sold out. Marl & B does have 2 available for $150. each.

Her one-piece dress isn't the nice quality we're used to with FR16 clothing but the price of the doll was right. I applied my $25 W Club coupon and she cost me $74. plus postage. She came with panties, shoes and stud earrings. I'm looking forward to redressing her.

I do want to have her cartoon brows and possibly her eyes repainted to make them more realistic.

Now let's talk about the ankle joint/foot problem. This is not a new issue but I was hoping it would have been fixed by this time. Elsa Lin and Platinum Society had it in 2014.

When the doll is set down on flat feet, she is fine.

As soon as the ankle joint is enabled the foot turns inward. The doll becomes pigeon-toed and each foot tilts outward.  From left to right: on tip-toes, with toes bent, with shoes.

One can see it in every doll in the promo photos. Some might say that the photographer posed their feet that way to make them look cute.

The issue is that the joint was engineered incorrectly. I have no idea if any collectors have taken issue with this. I'll bet Alain is aware of it but if collectors say nothing, the problem will not go away.

These are very nice dolls. The body needs fixing.

If you have access to the W Club announcement repost thread, go and look at the larger photos. If you have FR16 dolls, how are their feet? Perhaps it was just my three FR16 dolls that had the issue plus this new one. Maybe I'm the only one....