Tonner Doll Company...Gradually Slipping Away?

The well-known and admired Doll Dr. from the Tonner Doll Company, Noreen Morris, let me know today that she was let go due to company consolidation.

Many businesses cut back in hard times but when a very popular representative is let go, it affects customers' feelings towards the company.

No one can replace her cheerful demeanor and swift attention to detail.

I feel a personal loss as I met Noreen at the beginning of my collecting. I've written about it previously. The event was at an outdoor Tonner trunk sale. I only had Tiny Kitty dolls at that time. When I saw Tyler, I fell in love with her and bought several. Noreen predicted that it was "over" for me. If you don't get what "over" means...she meant the beginning of a joyous collecting adventure, which it was.
I still have many beloved Tonner dolls in my collection. I really wonder if I'll ever add more. Is Tonner done?

Waiting to see.

You can send Noreen a message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nightdobes


Dr. Noreen's Doll Hospital

I know that she would love to hear from all the collectors she's met over the years.

Brunel: A Most Versatile Kingdom Doll

Brunel is the most photographed Kingdom Doll in my collection. The first photo presents her as she was originally dressed.
Photos show her dressed in fashions by Ficon, Integrity Toys, Tonner, Superdoll and, of course, Kingdom Doll. There is one dress in there by a collector. Wigs by Cheryl Wood and Ilaria.

You can click on individual photos to enlarge them. 


Gen X Forest Review

I was one of the lucky collectors who logged on to the Superdoll website early enough to buy Forest.  I didn't expect to see her posted at that time, but there she was.
Forest cost $387.63 with a $58.94 charge for postage. Asking price for her on eBay, almost immediately after she sold out, went well above $1000.

She is exquisite.

Forest is, most assuredly, inspired by Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings.

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
 She brings her own light to the darkness with her staff whose branches support three candles. In order for her to hold it upright, one changes out her default hand for the clutching hand. Warming the arm in a heating pad for a while makes that process very easy.

Everything about this doll sparkles.

From the empire waistline down there are two embroidered layers of tulle-like fabric. The swirling pattern is traced with metallic silver thread accented by silvery sequins.
The under layer of the skirt is all over sequins in a random pattern.

Both the neckline and the waist are circled with rhinestones. The closure at the back of the dress is enhanced with rosettes as are the tops of the puff sleeves.

 Her boots took a good deal of patience and care to put on. 

Regarding the overlapping leg joint issue many have had with Gen X dolls, Forest still has it but it's less pronounced.

Her crowning glory is the diadem of rhinestones worn over her knee-length platinum hair.

Tonner's Galadriel was quite true to the actress' appearance and costume but I like sparkly, shiny things.

And of course, the Barbie version is a happy girl.

Forest wins.