Miss Piggy - A Tonner Fashion Doll! *SQUEAL*

Miss Piggy has arrived. She is making an appearance on the websites of doll dealers everywhere as one of the new dolls from the Tonner Doll Company. There will be a basic doll whose picture has not yet been released, two dressed dolls, two separate fashions and two wigs available as accessories.
Text that follows is from the Tonner site:
"Fashion doll creator and aficionado Robert Tonner, crosses new boundaries with his multi-jointed all strung vinyl inspired fashion diva, Miss Piggy. Our beloved piggy stands app. 16" tall with custom-made, changeable wigs and painted facial features. Miss Piggy cannot (and will not) share clothing with other pigs."
Here they are in this order: 
Piggy Takes Manhattan, 
My Fair Piggy, 
Divine Swine (fashion), 
Tango With Kermie (fashion), 
Pretty Piggy (wig), 
Goddess Piggy (wig.)

All photography property of Tonner Doll Company.

Madame Alexander Cissette

January can be a dangerous month. There's a lull between the holidays and Toy Fair during which one has time to browse the offerings of the doll manufacturers not normally part of one's collection. One might just need a dolly fix.
This year, Madame Alexander's 10" Cissette caught my eye and my fancy. It all started when one of the doll dealers posted a picture of A Fashionable Life Cissy, a 21" MA doll whose retail price is close to $600.

Some of the more limited or more elaborate ones cost much more. For example, this 85th Anniversary Cissy is priced at $1699.95 at Angelic Dreamz.

Although the doll has a childlike face, the fashions are anything but childlike. I started browsing; however, I restricted my browsing to new Cissettes as she is affordable, adorable and has more articulation than MA's previously issued 10" dolls.

Widely available at wildly different prices, each doll requires a thorough search for the best price. I ordered two from an eBay dealer whose prices were the best I couuld find.

The first shown here is Belle Enchantress from The Definitive Collection - The Ingenues. LE 500. "She is part of a new limited edition collection featuring 10" ball jointed dolls with unique expressive hand painted eyes and and exquisite design. The collection is inspired by classic haute couture from years past. She is fully articulated with 10 points of articulation at the neck, waist, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows."

I paid $59. plus shipping for this little gem. She goes for over $100. on many retail sites. The Doll Market has her for $69.97 today.

My second is the Boutique Shadow Cissette Couture Series Doll - Closet Full of Couture. LE 300.
"For daytime elegance, Cissette wears a silver suit trimmed in fur and accented by a fuchsia bow, black handbag and strap heels. For nighttime drama, a second outfit features a beige chiffon dress, a multicolored fur wrap and a magenta wig."
The word "shadow" refers to the fact that each outfit is a recreation of haute couture fashions created for the limited edition Cissy Boutique series.
This Cissette has 'sleep eyes.' I haven't had a doll with sleep eyes since I was 5 years old! No, she does not say Mama.
In the last photo below, Belle of the Prom Tiny Kitty is wearing the second outfit. The fit is excellent.

Cissette is the perfect little dolly fix for me as she fits right in with my Tiny Kitty collection as far as size goes. They can share eachother's clothes for the most part. Tiny Kitty is a little taller.
There are also wonderful Cissette Trunk sets but the Cissettes with those sets don't have bending arms. The trunks are wonderful, though.

This Boutique Shadow set cost me $89.99 plus shipping. I have seen it being sold at retail for $199. Shop around!

The "Evolution" of Foreign Affair Veronique

Impulse control? I don't have it and if you think that re-working a doll is a way to save money in a tight economy, give it up.

It all started out with a lovely Foreign Affair Veronique, the doll from a Fashion Royalty 2005 gift set.

After having this doll for a few years, I decided to change her hairstyle. What was I thinking? Needless to say, it didn't work out well. I sent the doll to Susan Korba to have her hair re-rooted. The results were stunning.

She remained in this gorgeous condition for about a year until I had the bright idea to fix her eyelashes. That wasn't too destructive but then I decided to do a little enhancing around the lashes. That fed the flames. I went on to change her lip color and it was all downhill from there.
Before quitting for the night, I had removed all her face paint and the new lashes in disgust.

Since I had already invested in the reroot, I couldn't just leave her in my studio with no face, could I?
Off she went to Ohio, to be repainted by Jon Copeland. Here are the results.