Barbie (Standard Edition) vs Barbie (Ultimate Edition)

For those of you that paid $550. for the Barbie Ultimate Edition book last year, the publisher of that book has a little surprise for you! They've come out with a so-called "trade edition" for $45.  It has the same images.

Their website says: "Following the success of the special Ultimate Collection edition published in celebration of Barnie's [sic] 50th anniversary of Barbie, Assouline has created this unique trade edition&151 [sic] and the perfect collector's item."*

*So their editing isn't the best.

The Original aka Ultimate Edition $550.00
BY Yona Zeldis McDonough
Clover board, linen presentation box
Hand tipped images
14 x 17" / 15 lbs / 128 Pages, 69 Images
The Proletariat Version aka Standard Edition:

BY Yona Zeldis McDonough
Hardcover / 9 x 12"
128 Pages, 70 Images
Both editions may be found at Angelic Dreamz


I was happy with Barbie Collector Magazine.

Runway Fashion Inspirations Continued

Spring, 2005     RTW   Louis Vuitton
Spring, 2009    Dania Zarr  "Red Zinger"     Integrity Toys

Chill Factor, 2010 Dynamite Girls in MiuMiu 2010 pre-fall collection posted by cocoklein on Dolly Daily. There's no doubt at all that these fashions are 'cut from the same cloth' as it were. But how is it that they came out the same year? IT needs a lot of lead time to produce a doll. Did the same person design the fashions? Did they have insider knowledge of the MiuMiu fashion designs? Very strange.




RestoreDoll.Com Not Closing as Planned

A letter was sent out tonight to all RestoreDoll.Com customers by owner, Kathy Gray. She will not be retiring along with the business as her niece is going to pick up the reins and run the operation. Kathy will be semi-retired and continue to answer email and discuss doll restoration with customers.
The current 30% discount will continue. Kathy also announced that they will be introducing 24 new colors of Katsilk Saran this year. New paint colors will be added as well.

10 Skein Special KatSilk ® Saran Doll Hair



I was looking at Tonner's new and recent male sculpts and I went back to 2006.  It was around the time or shortly after the appearance of the Harry Potter line that Tonner began introducing different adult males to the line. Since then we've seen new male sculpts on a regular basis. Many of them are licensed characters. Until tonight I didn't realize how many male dolls have come out of the TDC.

Just this new season alone, besides Hogyo Yoshio, whose dressed doll version was pictured in yesterday's blog post, we now have Stefan Salvatore, a dressed character figure from the Vampire Diaries. In The Vampire Diaries, Stefan has the ability to influence people's memories with his mind. His eyes are incredibly intense and the facial screening looks hand-painted.
(To me they're dolls, not character figures.)
Paul Wesley/Stefan Salvatore Head Sculpt and 17" Matt O'Neill™ Body; Brown Eyes w/ Brunette Wigged Hair and Cameo Skintone
Stefan's brother (?) Damon Salvatore below, has already debuted but hasn't shipped yet. I think he is a great looking doll....oops, character figure.
Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore Head Sculpt; 17" Matt O'Neill™ Body; Blue Eyes; Brunette Wigged Hair; Cameo Skintone.          
There is a basic Hogyo Yoshio in the new Freedom for Fashion line.

Basic Yoshio comes wearing an essential knit t-shirt and fully-lined knit boxers."NEW" Japanese Male Head Sculpt and 17" Matt O'Neill™ Body; Brown Eyes w/ Black Hair and Cameo Skintone LE500 $89.99
 From the Harry Potter line, Professor Dumbledore with the Richard Harris (likeness) Albus Dumbledore head sculpt and Lucius Malfoy with the Jason Isaacs sculpt (likeness) are incredibly interesting sculpts and would make great basics if only the licensing would allow.
Professor Dumbledore
Lucius Malfoy
Professor Snape sculpted in the likeness of Alan Rickman.
Voldemort is not under consideration as a handsome adult male at this time.

We have a winner!
Congratulations to Laura/LA for her winning entry. Timestamp: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 11:20 PM

Runner Up 
Milady Blue. Timestamp: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 11:31 PM

Here are the answers:

Men of Tonner Game
1. Tenth Doctor - Dr. Who  (Likeness of David Tennant)
2. Aquaman - DC Stars 
3. Lord Asriel Northbound - Golden Compass  (Likeness of Daniel Craig)
4. Batman - DC Stars
5. Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean line, (likeness of Johnny Depp)
6. Torchwood Capt. Jack Harkness (likeness of John Barrowman)
7. Twilight Edward Cullen Distant Devotion
8. Dick Tracy
9. Green Lantern – Hal Jordan
10. Jacob Black - Twilight line, (likeness Taylor Lautner)
11. James - Twilight line, (likeness Cam Gigandet)
12. Jayne Cobb - Firefly line,  (likeness Adam Baldwin sculpt)
13. Jonah Hex - Jonah Hex line, (likeness Josh Brolin)
14. Jeremy Voss– Tyler Who?
15. Laurent - Twlight line, (likeness Edi Gathegi sculpt)
16. Lee Scoresby - Golden Compass line, (likeness Sam Elliott)
17. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly line, (likeness Nathan Fillion)
18. Maxwell Smart - Get Smart line, (likeness Steve Carell sculpt)
19. Perseus - Clash of the Titans line,( likeness Sam Worthington )
20. Prince Dastan - Prince of Persia line,(likeness Jake Gyllenhaal)
21. Rhett Butler - Gone With the Wind
22. Ultra Basic Simon Chase - original sculpt
23. Superman - original sculpt
24. Ultra Basic Matt Tan with long blonde hair
25. Ultra Basic Russell Williams
26. Ultra Basic Russell Williams - #2
27. Will Turner - Pirates of the Caribbean, (likeness Orlando Bloom )
28. Lord Asriel at Oxford - Golden Compass  (Likeness Daniel Craig)
29. Simon Chase in Tuxedo
30. Ultra Basic Matt O'Neil
31. Bonus question
Shared Sculpt: SEAN
The Gift ( Gianetto); University Cool;  Re-imagined Star Crossed Romeo

Winner : Laura/LA  February 15 11:20 PM
2nd Place: Milady Blue Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 11:31 PM

Baris; Nicole; savyuser1217; Stacy in IL; T & J Smith ; Sue Townson ; toyblahg;

 Let's play a game. 

The first person to correctly identify the character/sculpt/name of the doll in every picture below wins. For example: if the character were Tyler Wentworth, we'd need the actual name of the doll.  If the character were Ava Gardner, you would need to tell us which Ava it is. (If you find Tyler or Ava in the following list, call your eye doctor immediately.) Spelling does not count unless 99% of the letters are wrong and/or missing.
Winner gets fame and glory and the 2010 rhinestone encrusted 10th Anniversary Tyler Wentworth pin. It's really a beauty.
Please number the guesses in the same order as the pictures and submit them via email in list form. (You will find my email address on my profile page and on every Nigerian computer in the world.)

In the case of a tie, the time stamp on the submission wins. The later submission/s will get fame, no fortune.

Please don't post identifying names for these characters until the game is over. If you do post a comment and name the characters, I won't be posting your comment until Friday.

Game ends Friday at Noon EST - aka New York time.




Bonus Question: Name the sculpt the following 3 dolls share and provide each dolls' specific name.