Tonner 2011 Toy Fair Release

 Today Tonner released the images and information on their 2011 Toy Fair products. I applaud the Tonner Doll Company for their extensive line-up which introduces new lines and enhances existing ones.
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There's no shortage of fabric here. Lots of layers, ruffles, more layers and mermaid hems.
 Sweeping LE150 $249.99;       Bold LE150 $199.99;         Luxurious LE150 $219.99;        Picturesque LE150 $209.99
Freedom for Fashion.
New Japanese sculpts. Female dolls have the 16 inch Antoinette body with Cameo skintone and males have the 17 inch Matt O'Neill body and Cameo Skintone. All dolls have brown eyes and black hair.
There are two basic dolls, two dressed dolls and three separate outfits. I am just showing the dressed dolls here.
Wonderful and inspired new line. I love the dressed dolls - both of them.
Sori Aiko LE500 $189.99
Hogyo Yoshio LE500 $199.99

Theatre de la Mode
I am thrilled to bits that this line is back. One dressed doll whose fashion inspiration is waiting to be discovered opens today.  She has a new "Fashion" head sculpt on the Antoinette body blue eyes, blonde  hair and Cameo skintone.  I am going to have to order her although the price is quite high. Sigh.

Noir #99   LE300   $249.99
Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen's boyfriend...he's the one who tried to 'eat' Bella when she visited their home.
Excellent resemblance. Jackson Rathbone/Jasper Hale Head Sculpt and 17" Matt O'Neill™ Body; Umber Eyes w/ Blended Hair and Cameo Skintone.
Jasper Hale  LE1000  $1149.99
Tyler Wentworth
Two dressed Tylers with the original Tyler head sculpt and one dressed Sydney. All are on the 16" Tyler BW body. Signature Statement is a name and color take off on the Signature Style Tylers of the past who wore white blouses and black pants or skirts. This one is beautiful! Fire Opal is a knockout with that fabulous wig and eye candy gown. Sydney's makeup seems to be a blast from the past with the eyeliner top and bottom and lighter lips - 1970's style.
Signature Statement Tyler Wentworth LE300 $199.99
Fire Opal Tyler Wentworth LE300 $224.99
So Sleek Sydney Chase LE300 $199.99
The other lines that have new additions are American Models, DC Stars, Disney Princess Collection, Harry Potter, It's A Small World and The Vampire Diaries.  This is a link to the index.


  1. Glad to see TDLM back, but disappointed not with the Tyler sculpt and body, keeping in the style of the former collection. Tyler would be stunning in this hair style, color, and face paint.

    As for the two new Tylers and Sydney, all are drop dead gorgeous. Wasn't to sure about Syd's wig, but do like it.

    Nice to see there's still life in these old girls (Esme would have been nice, too). I assume STILL no pivoting knee joint?

  2. I love this doll and the fact that she has the Ationette body awsome I really dont like the tyler body much now I wish the copany would change the tyler body to a resized antionette body I think the Antionette body is by far more elegant although her bust could be a little bigger but to me the Antionette dolls are by far the best doll sculpt so far there just so so good to work with and so much fun changeing charecters on them