Runway Fashion Inspirations Continued

Spring, 2005     RTW   Louis Vuitton
Spring, 2009    Dania Zarr  "Red Zinger"     Integrity Toys

Chill Factor, 2010 Dynamite Girls in MiuMiu 2010 pre-fall collection posted by cocoklein on Dolly Daily. There's no doubt at all that these fashions are 'cut from the same cloth' as it were. But how is it that they came out the same year? IT needs a lot of lead time to produce a doll. Did the same person design the fashions? Did they have insider knowledge of the MiuMiu fashion designs? Very strange.




  1. So interesting, I love the Chill Fashions!

  2. sometimes i notice some dolls fashion are made before human fashion

    i saw a sybarite a while ago from 2 years ago or so and it reminds me of this
    outfit which was made this year


    interesting video

  3. Usually the real (1:1) designers are a year ahead in presenting their collections. So right now winter 2011/2012 should be out.

    And there's all the books and magazines for professionals you can buy about these collections (this is no publicity, just a link where you can see the books etc. and their prices: www.modeinfo.com).

    So it's less costly buying those inspiration bibles than employing a designer of one's own.


  4. Hello again!

    What was I writing? A/W 2011/12 - there's a Collezioni Trends magazine out for A/W 2012/13.


    I remember you being not very happy about someone using your photographs to sell their stuff on e-bay.

    So I wonder how you deem it alright for runway fashions to come downsized when they were not intended to.

    In both cases somebody took advantage of somebody else's creativity, and in both cases in order to make a profit.

    No wonder I liked Neve's outfit: I like Miu Miu.
    Integrity seems, just like me, to have a predileciton for European fashion desingers.


  5. @Petra:
    That's a good question. I don't have an answer. I certainly do wish that the original designer would get credit. When someone asks for permission to use my work, 99% of the time I agree as long as credit is given.

  6. If IT is going to keep copying other designers work, I hope they start copying them exactly. Each one of the copied looks is better in the original colors. No wonder I have not liked any of these copied looks. The colors are all off.

  7. Hello Terri!

    Do you think Integrity asked Marc Jacobs (he's American as far as I know), who seems to do the designing at Louis Vuitton's, or Miuccia Prada (Prada and Miu Miu) for their consent?

    What puts me off the most is Integrity not stating explicitly if there's still a Jason Wu around or not. Aaah, might be, might not be, but, nevertheless, we're willingly taking the collectors' money.

    It's just that I don't want to also buy every haute couture or prêt-à-porter magazine in order to be able to discern which doll and dress are duplicates and which are not (low chance), thus helping me to make the decision not to buy e. g. FR.

    Which reminds me of the "just don't buy" remark made by "frjunkie". Yeah, willingly so, if I know the relevant facts beforehand.

    By the way: if someone call themselves a junkie of any sort whatsoever, they insinuate there's a pusher around as well.


  8. fwiw, the dialog about "is XYZ designer actually around" often seems to apply at many human design houses. kinda like how nurses do most of the work, but the doctor shows up to sign the forms. the MD or "name designer" is part of the brand, even if they don't touch much of anything.

    that's a tangent, more than anything

  9. It seems that many of Jason's FR inspirations have come from other designers since the beginning. As I have written before I never thought FR was Jason couture. What originally attracted me was the natural fibers and the attention to detail. Also I don't imagine that any of the designers copied give a hoot about dolls even those that cost a few hundred dollars.

  10. As someone else mentioned, designer collections are often introduced several months in advance. Got to Style.com and you can see the fall 2011 RTW fashions being introduced right now.

    I had taken copies of pictures of several of these very same Miu Miu fashions as potential inspiration or for out-and-out copying myself. I never got around to feeling inspired enough to use them and Integrity beat me to the punch this time around. As usual, I think they did a pretty wonderful job of reinterpreting them on such a small scale.