Arrived: Purity Dasha - FR2 - W Club Exclusive Doll

The Dasha Purity dolls I ordered arrived today. As I opened the exterior box I caught a whiff of mildew. My heart sank. The smell was coming from the brown shipper boxes. I'm pretty sure they're using a different type of cardboard and it stinks. Luckily, the actual doll box and its contents (the doll herself) do not have the odor. I put the shippers outside. I'm not imagining it because I asked my husband, who can't smell anything, and he noticed it.

Here's a quick picture I took of the doll in the box. My signature is across her chest due to the fact that this picture is going on eBay.  A friend is also sending hers to me to sell.
I like her but not enough to keep both. I'd like to take down her hair...

IT products are few and far between these days as far as adding to my collection. I was really looking forward to this doll. The dress is quite nice. It looks well made and isn't as simple as it appears. There are a lot of details in the construction you don't see at first.

Better pictures will come soon.


Arrived: The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll

I'm surprised that I like her so much. I'm dying to take her out of the box, taking those strings off of her hair and letting it flow.
Her chains are actually chain. The main part of the outfit is stunning.
For now, she stays in the box alongside her sister.
It's too bad that there will be no more in this series.

Wilde Imagination New 2013 Fall/Holiday Release

There are many beautiful products in this new release from Wilde Imagination. I will touch on only a few in this post and link you to the rest.

San Francisco Chill Outfit for Ellowyne $99.
This Ellowyne is also a new release. She is Ellowyne - Feeling Drained Three. She comes with a second wig which is long and blonde. $149.

Romantic Knot Wig $45 modeled by Essential Prudence Four, Wigged Out.

One More Time Evangeline $225.

There is much more including Amelia Thimble and Patience.
Hoping the following link works!


Ever After High™ Royal Dolls

How is it that Mattel can produce fully articulated dolls on a massive scale for the Monster High and Ever After High dolls and yet they stick with the stilted model pose on their fashion dolls?
From left to right: Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter
Here are the new  Ever After High™ Royal Dolls. I haven't been following the line but I believe these were the first to be released. They look less monstrous :-) than their predecessors and are quite cute. Justice is selling them for $21.60 each. 

According to a doll tracker, the dolls do not stay in stock for long at Justice. If you find one at Amazon or on eBay, it is sure to be more expensive. Of course, after the 'newness' wears off, you can get pretty much everything.

If you care to read about the line and it's backstory, here is the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ever_After_High
Hunter Huntsman
Ashlynn Ella
These two come as a set.


BarbieCollector.com Member Reminder

Our third $20. Shop Reward expires on September 30th. If you haven't used it by midnight of that day, it's gone. Is there anything you want to buy that you could use it for? Don't you wish we could accumulate them for a big deduction?

I used this quarter's reward toward The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie who will probably be delivered tomorrow. She's been a long time coming. She is one of the less than 10 Barbie dolls I own who stay boxed. They just look so good in the box.
There are several inexpensive items towards which one could use a $20. coupon such as tumblers, coasters, t-shirts and bangle bracelets. I hate to see coupons go to waste and you could always give these purchases as holiday gifts if you don't want to keep them yourself.  Shop, shop, shop! Why should I be the only one?



People are actually willing to pay this much money for a 12" Poppy Parker doll. 

What do you think of this?


Picture of the Day - by Me

Dionysis repaint by Yian. White mohair wig by Ilaria. Dress by Superfrock.

A Change of Pace

With several new outfits and one new Monogram doll head, I had reason to photograph some 12" dolls this week.
This is Monogram Exaggeration wearing an HJ Couture top, FR pants, boots and jewelry. She's got a smouldering look on her face.

Elyse and Kyori, both on FR2 bodies, model VJohn dresses beautifully.  

Last, we have a  Mini-Avantguard doll who is wearing a NuFace fashion. I spend so little time with the IT doll world these days that I can't remember their exact names or the names of the fashions. But I'm very happy with the beautiful dolls I have kept and hope talented designers keep making affordable outfits for them.