Arrived: Purity Dasha - FR2 - W Club Exclusive Doll

The Dasha Purity dolls I ordered arrived today. As I opened the exterior box I caught a whiff of mildew. My heart sank. The smell was coming from the brown shipper boxes. I'm pretty sure they're using a different type of cardboard and it stinks. Luckily, the actual doll box and its contents (the doll herself) do not have the odor. I put the shippers outside. I'm not imagining it because I asked my husband, who can't smell anything, and he noticed it.

Here's a quick picture I took of the doll in the box. My signature is across her chest due to the fact that this picture is going on eBay.  A friend is also sending hers to me to sell.
I like her but not enough to keep both. I'd like to take down her hair...

IT products are few and far between these days as far as adding to my collection. I was really looking forward to this doll. The dress is quite nice. It looks well made and isn't as simple as it appears. There are a lot of details in the construction you don't see at first.

Better pictures will come soon.


  1. There appears to be a huge gap between her ear & where the hairline starts. To me, it looks very odd, and not fixable. Even taking down her hair isn't an option, since she doesn't have a part. I'm afraid she will be loosing her head & donating her body to a more worthy cause. Sigh. Typical

    At least I like the dress & shoes. So not a total loss. Her body will make another girl happy.

  2. She is one of the most angriest looking dolls I have seen in a very long time.