Proxy available for two IDEX events.

1. Ellowyne Wilde     Friday, April 12, 2013

Invites IDEX attendees to an Afternoon of Tea and (sigh...) Ennui
Join Ellowyne Wilde for an afternoon of tea and ennui. A light dessert will be served, along with a hint of boredom and woe. Robert Tonner and Debra DeForte of Wilde Imagination will present a unique program, along with a special Lizette for each attendee.

Price: $159
Plus postage. 
I will ship only the Lizette doll from Florida. Postage is payable in advance and will be estimated according to your address.

2.Tonner Breakfast Event  
Sunday, April 14, 2013
Join Robert Tonner and company for a Breakfast of Champions! See the new line up close over eggs and toast, and rub elbows with fellow doll lovers and Robert Tonner himself. Your event fee will include breakfast, a presentation by Robert Tonner, and for the first time ever, you get YOUR CHOICE of souvenir at the IDEX Breakfast of Champions! You'll use Tonner Bucks that will be provided to you to "shop" for your choice of souvenir at the event. Choose from 5 amazing selections:
Basic Houston + Cape Town Fashion Pack
Color Block Astor
Taxi! Billy
Golden Swirl Deluxe Astor
Maudlynne Macabre

Price: $50 Plus postage.
You may specify which item you would like. The choices are on my blog in a post made several days ago.

Only your choice of souvenir will be shipped. Postage is payable in advance and will be estimated according to your address.

Both my husband and I are available as proxies so if you want two of anything, just ask.

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2013

Pictures from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival are coming out and I'm in the process of getting permission to repost them on this blog. Keep checking back for more as I add them.

The Sybarite doll, Gateau, from collector Lilianaamigita:

 She is a winner in every way. Gorgeous face, stunning outfit. There's nothing I don't love about her.

Next from Nina-chan who apologized for the quality. We don't care about quality; just feed us pictures and our imagination will make up for the rest! We appreciate any and all pictures that help us be a little part of the event.

PFDF Silkstone "Luncheon Ensemble" Barbie Doll is a variation of the one currently available.
"Eau d'Hong" LE 21

Here is a link to a  blogger who has posted the Silkstone:

More lovely photos of Gateau by Gaia:

From Sandra/NL:
Gateau's Shoes!
Charles and Desmond with Gateau

New Michelle Obama 2013 Inaugural Ball Doll

The Danbury Mint continues it's questionable practice of posting an artist's rendering of the doll they are marketing. Mrs. Obama looks gorgeous in her red gown. Danbury Mint posts, in small print, that the "actual doll will vary." Notice they say WILL VARY, not might vary.

So you are forewarned. I know many of you purchased earlier DB dolls and were sadly disappointed. Avoid that by waiting until the doll is released in the Fall of 2013. You can be sure there will be enough to go around.

Price $149. plus $9 shipping.

I have sent a query to customer service to find out the size and other details about the fashion and her hair.


Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful Dolls

Now that the movie has opened, there is a lot of interest in the dolls from the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful.
Don't even think about buying these on eBay unless the shipping is free and the basic prices are as I have listed below. The prices are all over the map. There is a 19" resin (polyester) China Doll who is a limited edition of 500 that is being sold for extraordinarily high prices- averaging about $500 more or less.
She was my favorite character but not that favorite.

All four witch dolls and Oz holding the tiny China Doll are $19.99 each on Amazon and at Toys-R-Us. Free shipping included. The 14" China Doll is $21.99. There is also a 4" China Girl listed at $18.47.
I do not see the 4" at Toys R Us, however.
I have admired these dolls since I first saw them and I am ordering them just for fun. (aka lack of impulse control)
They are articulated and I'm hoping the fashions are not sewn on.
BTW, Theodora's fashion in the movie was to-die-for. Her pants were leather and super tight. Mila Kunis is a stunning woman. The movie was sort of fun but don't expect fine acting. Watch the original Oz if you want a truly great movie.