Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful Dolls

Now that the movie has opened, there is a lot of interest in the dolls from the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful.
Don't even think about buying these on eBay unless the shipping is free and the basic prices are as I have listed below. The prices are all over the map. There is a 19" resin (polyester) China Doll who is a limited edition of 500 that is being sold for extraordinarily high prices- averaging about $500 more or less.
She was my favorite character but not that favorite.

All four witch dolls and Oz holding the tiny China Doll are $19.99 each on Amazon and at Toys-R-Us. Free shipping included. The 14" China Doll is $21.99. There is also a 4" China Girl listed at $18.47.
I do not see the 4" at Toys R Us, however.
I have admired these dolls since I first saw them and I am ordering them just for fun. (aka lack of impulse control)
They are articulated and I'm hoping the fashions are not sewn on.
BTW, Theodora's fashion in the movie was to-die-for. Her pants were leather and super tight. Mila Kunis is a stunning woman. The movie was sort of fun but don't expect fine acting. Watch the original Oz if you want a truly great movie.


  1. Oops...I accidentally deleted this comment before I could publish it the regular way:

    Aubrey Silver has left a new comment on your post "Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful Dolls":

    I'm not sure if I'm talking about the same thing as you, but the small China Doll figure sold by the Disney store is the exact same one that comes with the Tolly Tots Oz doll. Someone on Flickr bought both and they're identical except the Disney store one has slightly different markings.

    I have the Tolly Tots Oz doll, he's okay quality. I ended up liking the clothes more than the doll. The pants and jacket are nice, but the shirt is made from the worst material I've ever seen. It seems like it's the same fabric as those super cheap plastic ribbons are made out of. Mine came out of the box with lots of random holes in the shirt, in places that he wasn't attached to the box or anything.

    1. I have listed only the Disney products. I am aware there is a different one.

  2. It was suggested that I add some information regarding free shipping. Amazon offers free shipping on many products if you spend $25. or more.
    The items I purchased through Amazon came with free shipping. Toys-R-Us has a requirement of $79. before the free shipping kicks in.

  3. That's a really good likeness of James Franco and I'm impressed with his outfit too. Nice job Mattel.