If I Were A Child

My goodness, the American Girl dolls have it all! The props, the furniture, the pets are all so yummy.
The item pictured above is the Trail Bike with the Pet Trailer attached. Of course the doll's outfit is a Cycling Outfit. Then there's the helmet. It goes on and on. These items are not inexpensive but they are excellent quality.

Other items related to pets are enough to make me swoon.
The Pet Bath Set! How adorable is this?
There are dogs galore - even a service dog. There are all types of horses and saddles. There's a stable with supplies! Party sets, hiking equipment, a pet bed and a carrier. Sigh.
Who says we have to be children to play with childrens' toys? My mind is a playground.

I am enjoying the American Girl Doll website. Here is the link: http://www.americangirl.com/index.php

You know who says it: "Believe in the power of play."  Robert Tonner, that's who.


NuFantasy Beauty and the Beast

Integrity Toys' incarnation of this famous fairy tale casts Beauty as the male doll and Beast as the female.
Beauty is an edgy, great-looking doll with a well-made, detailed fashion. His long coat is made from a fabric that feels like a high quality fine wool. Under his vest is a striped shirt. His pants are belted.
I could not get his boots on over his socks, even with fully unlacing them. I tried it without socks and succeeded with one but didn't try the other as I didn't want to damage them by pulling too hard. I just substituted a different pair of Homme ankle boots which work very well with the outfit.

He will definitely be staying.

On the other hand, the Beast was disappointing in two ways. Her hair is a frizzy mess. My doll's hair is in better shape than most!

Some people have taken to defending this mess as indicative of how a Beast's hair should be. Seriously? This result is from untrained doll hair stylists and not from design intentions.
I thought I'd love the boots but, once again, we've returned to getting shoes with heels that are too high for the rest of the sole. In order to stand with straight legs, the doll has to be placed on her heels with the front of the shoe not touching the base. Unacceptable.
She's been voted off the island after being here for a whole 48 hours.

I am going to keep her earrings (which are cool) and her faux fur vest which could be useful with other fashions.

BTW I put her next to Devil Damon (Dynamite Boy) and they make a good couple for displaying...if you have both and are keeping them.

News From Emilia Couture

The premium Inamorata doll Seraph LE20, fashion set Röntgen LE30 and 4 accessory packs LE30 each will be out for sale through our shop (www.emiliacouture.com) on December Thursday the 12th (better to avoid the Friday the 13th, right?).

The LE20 Inamorata doll Seraph 699usd and LE30 fashion set Röntgen 199usd will be launched together with the accessory packs. Röntgen fashion will be unveiled in Fashion Doll Chronicles blog by Stratos together with an exclusive interview few days before the product launch.