Precarious as Party Girl

Here is my latest doll who arrived yesterday. She is stunning and I love her fashion, too. Party Girl is from Tonner's new Precarious line.
I will let the photos do the talking:

Her high pony tail has a black, braided hair wrap.

Very sleek silver tights and great fitting pumps.

 The only problem I see is the tight fit in the bustline which pulls the bodice open showing the lining and part of the snaps. 
I love the applied eyelashes and everything about her face. This gal is a keeper!

The staircase is a Byers' Choice product.  It is their spiral staircase which has been re-released this year. The funny thing is, Byers' offices and showrooms are located about 20 miles from here. I could have purchased the staircase right there but would have had to pay PA sales tax and the retail price of $190. I found an eBay seller with a lower price, no tax and free shipping. It always pays to shop around and check prices.


Anatomical Barbie Model by Jason Freeny

No, this is not your new anatomy class mannequin, it is a Barbie doll whose insides have been dramatically sculpted by artist Jason Freeny. Taking an iconic plastic doll to a surreal level by revealing her skeleton and organs, she has become an image from a horror movie - an unmasked Phantom whose birth defect has affected not only her face. I think we've found the perfect doll for Rico The Zombie Boy!
All Images in this post are ©Jason Freeny
Unfortunately, the dolls themselves are not available. Prints are at www.moistproduction.com.

Mr. Freeny has "unzipped" the skins of many other toys as well.
Sackboy Dissection Sculpt
Cutaway 7" Anatomical Mickey Mouse
Cutaway 6" Anatomical Hello Kitty
Cutaway 5" Anatomical Mario
22" Anatomical Kewpie Sculpt
Be sure to visit http://www.moistproduction.com/Menu/index.html and check out Jason's Facebook page for more. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jason-Freeny/34170123768

Glam Barbie for Charity

David and Phillipe Blond have created a OOAK Pink Diamond Barbie for auction at charitybuzz.com. The proceeds will benefit the MAC Aids Fund organization.
As I have previously posted, there is a silver Blond Diamond Barbie for sale on BC.Com. 

Here is the description of this OOAK:
Pink Diamond™ Barbie® doll is extra special as her stunning fuchsia and rose “gem” encrusted mini corset dress and pumps were designed and hand embellished by The Blonds themselves. Doll’d up with her famous platinum locks in luscious curls, Barbie® doll’s dazzling accessories complete her look with luxe full-length faux fur coat, pink studded earrings, and pink sparkling ring!
The Blonds

 Now, Mattel, can we get our Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken, please?


Steamfunk Cami in Scandal

The first of my Precarious line fashions, Scandal, has arrived. Steamfunk Cami is modeling. 
This is a very interesting outfit. The jacket is made from a stiff, thick laminate fabric with embedded sparkle. The wrist and collar areas are embellished with beads and black rhinestones. There are two clear rhinestone designs - one at the neckline and one below the waist. The skirt is lace and is really lovely. There are two pairs of stockings - a clear inside the black. The shoes are platform without a heel. Earrings are a cluster of black beads.
Overall it's one of the most unique of all Tonner outfits I've ever seen. In case you don't know, it does come on a doll...

 ...but I chose to just get the outfit. You have to find someone willing to part with it. I got lucky.