Anatomical Barbie Model by Jason Freeny

No, this is not your new anatomy class mannequin, it is a Barbie doll whose insides have been dramatically sculpted by artist Jason Freeny. Taking an iconic plastic doll to a surreal level by revealing her skeleton and organs, she has become an image from a horror movie - an unmasked Phantom whose birth defect has affected not only her face. I think we've found the perfect doll for Rico The Zombie Boy!
All Images in this post are ©Jason Freeny
Unfortunately, the dolls themselves are not available. Prints are at www.moistproduction.com.

Mr. Freeny has "unzipped" the skins of many other toys as well.
Sackboy Dissection Sculpt
Cutaway 7" Anatomical Mickey Mouse
Cutaway 6" Anatomical Hello Kitty
Cutaway 5" Anatomical Mario
22" Anatomical Kewpie Sculpt
Be sure to visit http://www.moistproduction.com/Menu/index.html and check out Jason's Facebook page for more. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jason-Freeny/34170123768

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  1. verproduced doesn't mean you should avoid it! Just wait for them to go on sale, and you can get dolls you love at a discount price.