Brenda Starr Look-Alike?

It's hard not to see the resemblance between Brenda Starr "Just My Type" doll and Sarah Palin, the VP candidate.


Juku Couture Dolls from Jaks Pacific

Jaks Pacific has released a new line of dolls. I heard about the excellent articulation and saw pictures and knew I must have her. There are four different dolls and several separately packaged outfits. Jaks Pacific has attributed certain personality characteristics to all four of these dolls. The character in my pictures is Jun. Jun is 9 inches tall. Her reddish/brown hair is rooted and the pink and white curls are attached to clip-on barettes which are easily removed. The hair has a lot of product to hold it's style. She has inset eyes which make her look a little cross-eyed because their placement is a bit off but her features are delicate and pretty.

Jun has 14 points of articulation including wrists and ankles and she can stand on her own.

I'm not a fan of the frilly, lacy, multi-layered baby-doll look but the clothes are cute, they fit well and are made fairly well. Fasteners are velcro. Boots are open in the back and go on and off easily. She comes with a poster which I have not removed from the box.

About the box...I always wonder why dolls in this price range have to be secured to the box with so many wires.
It took a good 10 minutes to un-twirl the wires and pull them out.

I think Jaks Pacific did an amazing job with this doll. I don't know how they managed to keep the price so low. Retail Price $19.95.