My Flame Blue Vanessa is Where?

It's nine days since I paid for her and I just couldn't wait any longer so I emailed the liaisons at the W Club.
I received a very kind response from Luanne (who is always very pleasant and helpful). She told me that she would contact the business office of Integrity Toys. I'm assuming someone there actually read her email because about 1 hour later I got a shipping notice.

I know I'm not their favorite customer but really.....

Image Source: http://www.nataliedee.com/archives/2006/Apr/

Misleading eBay Auction Title of the Day

"NEW 14 Pairs Shoes for Fashion Royalty, Lots"

These are all Barbie shoes, many of which would not even fit a Fashion Royalty doll. This auction popped up in the Integrity Fashion Royalty category.

Seller's Feedback:
Here's the link to the auction:



Bella Productions Offers New Slim RWV Wall Units

The original Room With a View standard wall unit opens to 53" wide and is 20" tall.
I bought the one that is magnetic on both sides and it's very heavy but quite sturdy. (I believe the double sided one has been discontinued.) I've used it tons of times with large and small dolls and I recently purchased several new wall papers and floors. Tonner and Gene furniture items are perfectly scaled for this size unit. My doll photography style tends to zoom in so that the entire room is never fully visible. But it's fun to set up an entire room even if it doesn't make it into my pictures. I can really play. A while back I purchased several flexible magnetic panels elsewhere with the intention of creating some unique items for my RWV. Did I get to it? That would be NO. So full of ideas and so little time.

For those of you who are not familiar with the RWV here is the description from the website:
"a magnetic wall system which consists of a foldable wall unit and a large range of decorative panels and parts. The parts stick to the metallic side of the wall unit. Collectors can easily create their own miniature doll sets and dioramas. And, when it's time to put the fun away, RWV collapses for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. Perfect for 10" to 16" dolls."

Several months ago a second, smaller size was introduced called the RWV Slim. It is 20" tall and 43.5" when opened flat. Today an even more compact size called the RWV Folio was introduced. It consists of two 14.5" panels which open out to create a corner backdrop. That sounds really useful and easy to use!

Bella Productions has also begun to offer new solid color magnetic wallpaper panels and they are on sale this month.

Check out all the options at this link.

Here are a couple of different shoots I did using 16" dolls.

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Dolls from Ashton Drake

I don't have any familiarity with the Dark-Hunter series at all. I'm guessing they hunt vampires and I like vampires so there you go.
The artists over at Integrity Toys (who could that be?) have designed these dolls but AD is handling the distribution.
The first two dolls are called Acheron and Simi. AD's website for these characters states that "Each collectible Dark-Hunter doll is meticulously detailed with clothing and accessories straight off the pages of your favorite book. Symbolic of quality and collectability, each doll is handcrafted in premium materials and entirely hand painted." Entirely? Really? I'm impressed.
The images currently on the website are artist's renderings. Be forewarned. However, today, Integrity posted real pictures.

Who took these pictures? They do not show off the dolls well with the use of a soft focus and red lighting. I'm sure I could do a better job but they won't be here unless someone sends me one or two for free.

I would like her coffin handbag, though. Doesn't she look alot like Veronique? Integrity vehemently denies that it is the same sculpt. They say the two are completely new sculpts.

Retail Price: $149. each.
Availability date has not been announced as yet and although he was asked more than one time, David Buttry of Integrity Toys would not answer the question about edition numbers. I'm guessing because there are no edition numbers to be had.
I wouldn't order until I saw real life pictures and read reviews from buyers.


Joe Tai's Doll 16 Inch Body

Joe Tai has created a body for 16" dolls that can be purchased as a replacement body for your dolls. I pre-ordered one from Manika and received it in January. I was so surprised at it's heft. It's at least 3 times as heavy as a Tonner or Gene body.

The other features of note are not hard to see. They're right out there - large breasts standing at attention. There is a great deal of body blushing all over including the palms of the hands. Joe doesn't design anything with an eye toward moderation. Joe may have gone overboard with the breasts but he got the articulation right. This body can pose like a dream.
I had such a good time posing her and taking pictures that I didn't even want to dress her. But here she is in a Tonner fashion created for Tyler's body. It fits perfectly. The ankle joints have a great range of movement and I'm guessing that Deva, Sybarite, Avantguard, Gene, Antoinette and pretty much any high heel shoe made for a 16" doll will fit.The skin tone matches the "Exceptional" Antoinette head perfectly.
The price of the body was high at $62 plus $10 for shipping. You probably won't be replacing all of your doll bodies at this price. Cherished Friends will be carrying them but I don't have a date or price.
Recommendation - get one just for the experience.

Picture of the Week Award ~ Christina Goodison - Shuga Shug

The latest Fashion Royalty doll, Flame Blue Vanessa, that's been causing rending of garments and begging, is beginning to arrive at collectors' homes and Christina, often first on the scene, has posted several gorgeous shots of Vanessa. (Is that a run-on sentence?)
This is the same doll as in my previous post. Christina's photograph is so good one wonders which of them is the promotional shot as hers certainly could be! I like Christina's better.
The camera used was a Sony Alpha DSLR. Shot was made outside in natural light with a black velvet drape. Settings for the techies out there: f/3.5, 200 ISO and white balance - natural. A tripod was used.
Christina told me that she used natural light as she is trying to grow her abilities by challenging herself to do things differently. She usually uses a light set indoors.

I asked her is she had tips for other doll collectors' photography and this is what she said:

"Say NO to your flash! If your photo is too dark then just change your exposure. My suggestions to those trying to improve their photography is to really get to know their camera. Getting a better camera isn't always the solution to getting better pictures. Most people don't even use their camera's capabilities. Learn to change the settings such as the white balance, saturation, exposure until you find what gives you the best photo with the lighting you are using for that shot. "

(I agree with learning to use the different settings on one's camera. But you have to have plenty of light to keep the flash turned off and that's another setting to learn about. Sometimes I use the flash out of doors intentionally in a technique called fill flash. Photographic lighting has a steep learning curve!)

To see more of Christina's beautiful photography check out her blog and Flickr photostream at the links here:

Congratulations on the Picture of the Week Award, Shug!