Picture of the Week Award ~ Christina Goodison - Shuga Shug

The latest Fashion Royalty doll, Flame Blue Vanessa, that's been causing rending of garments and begging, is beginning to arrive at collectors' homes and Christina, often first on the scene, has posted several gorgeous shots of Vanessa. (Is that a run-on sentence?)
This is the same doll as in my previous post. Christina's photograph is so good one wonders which of them is the promotional shot as hers certainly could be! I like Christina's better.
The camera used was a Sony Alpha DSLR. Shot was made outside in natural light with a black velvet drape. Settings for the techies out there: f/3.5, 200 ISO and white balance - natural. A tripod was used.
Christina told me that she used natural light as she is trying to grow her abilities by challenging herself to do things differently. She usually uses a light set indoors.

I asked her is she had tips for other doll collectors' photography and this is what she said:

"Say NO to your flash! If your photo is too dark then just change your exposure. My suggestions to those trying to improve their photography is to really get to know their camera. Getting a better camera isn't always the solution to getting better pictures. Most people don't even use their camera's capabilities. Learn to change the settings such as the white balance, saturation, exposure until you find what gives you the best photo with the lighting you are using for that shot. "

(I agree with learning to use the different settings on one's camera. But you have to have plenty of light to keep the flash turned off and that's another setting to learn about. Sometimes I use the flash out of doors intentionally in a technique called fill flash. Photographic lighting has a steep learning curve!)

To see more of Christina's beautiful photography check out her blog and Flickr photostream at the links here:

Congratulations on the Picture of the Week Award, Shug!

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  1. "Most people don't even use their camera's capabilities."

    how so very true... I just use a 5 year old digital automatic point and shoot camera myself... but then I'm lucky because I can borrow my partner's fancy digital SLR whenever I want to (it's sooo massive!)