Misleading eBay Auction Title of the Day

"NEW 14 Pairs Shoes for Fashion Royalty, Lots"

These are all Barbie shoes, many of which would not even fit a Fashion Royalty doll. This auction popped up in the Integrity Fashion Royalty category.

Seller's Feedback:
Here's the link to the auction:



  1. Oh wow, I almost choked on what I was drinking looking at that auction. They can't seriously think someone would fall for that...

  2. I hate it when they do that. The point that makes me angry is that it is confusing for newbies who just started collecting. They might fall for that and get shoes that don't even fit.
    When I was all new to FR, I purchased a Candi doll on ebay that was advertised as FR and of course ended up with a doll I was kind of really disappointed with!

  3. ... would they fit first generation body FRs?

  4. From personal experience, some of those shoes are too small even for Barbie. Some of the shoes and all of the clothes are for a spindly-legged clone called Barlina.

  5. You can complain to Ebay. In the "Sybarite" category the Ebay administrators made a big effort to clean up all the similar sized doll items offered. Unfortunately they got so strict that even peole who made things for the Sybarites were having auctions removed from that category.