Bella Productions Offers New Slim RWV Wall Units

The original Room With a View standard wall unit opens to 53" wide and is 20" tall.
I bought the one that is magnetic on both sides and it's very heavy but quite sturdy. (I believe the double sided one has been discontinued.) I've used it tons of times with large and small dolls and I recently purchased several new wall papers and floors. Tonner and Gene furniture items are perfectly scaled for this size unit. My doll photography style tends to zoom in so that the entire room is never fully visible. But it's fun to set up an entire room even if it doesn't make it into my pictures. I can really play. A while back I purchased several flexible magnetic panels elsewhere with the intention of creating some unique items for my RWV. Did I get to it? That would be NO. So full of ideas and so little time.

For those of you who are not familiar with the RWV here is the description from the website:
"a magnetic wall system which consists of a foldable wall unit and a large range of decorative panels and parts. The parts stick to the metallic side of the wall unit. Collectors can easily create their own miniature doll sets and dioramas. And, when it's time to put the fun away, RWV collapses for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. Perfect for 10" to 16" dolls."

Several months ago a second, smaller size was introduced called the RWV Slim. It is 20" tall and 43.5" when opened flat. Today an even more compact size called the RWV Folio was introduced. It consists of two 14.5" panels which open out to create a corner backdrop. That sounds really useful and easy to use!

Bella Productions has also begun to offer new solid color magnetic wallpaper panels and they are on sale this month.

Check out all the options at this link.

Here are a couple of different shoots I did using 16" dolls.

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