Joe Tai's Doll 16 Inch Body

Joe Tai has created a body for 16" dolls that can be purchased as a replacement body for your dolls. I pre-ordered one from Manika and received it in January. I was so surprised at it's heft. It's at least 3 times as heavy as a Tonner or Gene body.

The other features of note are not hard to see. They're right out there - large breasts standing at attention. There is a great deal of body blushing all over including the palms of the hands. Joe doesn't design anything with an eye toward moderation. Joe may have gone overboard with the breasts but he got the articulation right. This body can pose like a dream.
I had such a good time posing her and taking pictures that I didn't even want to dress her. But here she is in a Tonner fashion created for Tyler's body. It fits perfectly. The ankle joints have a great range of movement and I'm guessing that Deva, Sybarite, Avantguard, Gene, Antoinette and pretty much any high heel shoe made for a 16" doll will fit.The skin tone matches the "Exceptional" Antoinette head perfectly.
The price of the body was high at $62 plus $10 for shipping. You probably won't be replacing all of your doll bodies at this price. Cherished Friends will be carrying them but I don't have a date or price.
Recommendation - get one just for the experience.


  1. Looks cool, will try. Thank you for sharing this info!

  2. Whats wrong with the breasts?

    My dolls like having large, blushed ones.. LOLOL It makes for some great pictures! I have a few doll friends and we have photo-themed weeks where we send pics to each other, via email.. and this week os "Risque & Provocative" ... One of my Toni's could use use those, this week for modeling. LOL

    Hypnotic Antoinette in particular has been whispering for a breast enhancement.. maybe I have just found her one!
    Thanks for the pictures!

  3. James said...

    "Whats wrong with the breasts?"

    Would you like a list?

    I fixed it to read "may have gone overboard."

  4. Err... frankly those breasts are scary^^

    Ariss Tenoh

  5. I think the breasts are keeping me from ordering this body. They are so exaggerated that I wonder if they would detract from any of the fashions that doll is dressed in.

  6. I don't think they breasts detract from the fashions unless you were to dress her in sheer lingerie and then...well...it would be interesting.


  7. while most dolls produced have breasts that look like implants, these are unique in that they look like fresh implants that have yet to settle and are still about 10 seconds away from "breadloafing" (symmastia).

    the first part was predictable based on his 1:6 sculpt, but the 2nd part seems unique to this scale. the smaller girls have more of a cleave footprint than this one

  8. Can both Antoinette and Tyler heads fit this body? I read elsewhere that these heads are not interchangeable on Tonner bodies.

  9. Anonymous: This is not a Tonner body. This is a Joe Tai body and both Tyler and Antoinette heads fit.