The Final W Club Exclusive Doll of 2018

The final W Club Doll of 2018 has been announced. She is called "Secret Garden" Eugenia Perrin-Frost and is a mini gift set.
The edition size will be determined by the number of member pre-orders IT receives.
From the Promotional:
"Visiting her favorite fashion hot-spot for Couture Week, Eugenia Perrin-Frost has been invited to be the star model of an ultra-edgy secret photo session set in a long forgotten English garden. While the setting may seem gloomy to some, everyone from the stylist to the artistic director involved with the project agreed that this would be THE best spot to create the perfect mood for the gown being featured in the glossy magazine spread!Eugenia couldn't wait and as usual, she showed up for the shoot on time, looking as fresh faced and fantastic as ever!!
  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Two pairs of hands (one with long nails and one with the regular manicure);
  • Frothy, ruffled black tulle gown with a crinkle texture bodice, cinched at the waist by a narrow black ribbon belt;
  • Tan trench coat dress with drape and belt detail on sides;
  • Chocolate brown flocked hat with black grosgrain ribbon trim;
  • Black tulle neck scarf;
  • "Silver" cuff bracelet, chandelier earrings and statement ring with "diamond" and "pearl" accents;
  • "Silver" necklace with nature-inspired "diamond" and "pearl" stone charms;
  • Alternate pair of asymmetrical small charm earrings;
  • "Metal" clutch with sculpted leaf detail and skull clasp;
  • Pale nude "pearlized" faux-leather purse with quilted detail and "silver"/"diamond" flower charm;
  • Black and tan faux "patent leather" boots with "silver" zipper closure;
  • Black holographic glitter high heels with clear bead detail;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.
The doll pictured is a prototype. Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only."


The text mentions that one extra pair of hands has long nails. That made me think of the dragon lady nails that several Kingdom Dolls come with. 

I love Eugenia's face and hair. She is a gorgeous doll. I like the hat, the shoes and the silver accessories. As far as the gown, it's a "been-there-done-that" style and another black tulle gown. In my crowded collection, there's only room for uniquely beautiful and/or different. This doll is beautiful but not so unique.