What's with all the zombies? By David Sirota

I've heard many people wonder what the attraction is about vampires. Tonner's Zombie-like dolls have appeared on the scene in the last few days. Have we become a culture that worships the dead, the almost dead and the somewhat dead?
Today this piece appeared in salon.com. It's not about dolls but it's interesting.


Image from: http://www.netfreestuff.co.uk/

In a recently published study:
four Canadian mathematicians/graduate students did a mathematical analysis of a hypothetical zombie outbreak to determine the likelihood of human eradication, should such an attack ever occur. According to their model, “a zombie outbreak is likely to lead to the collapse of civilization, unless it is dealt with quickly. While aggressive quarantine may contain the epidemic, or a cure may lead to coexistence of humans and zombies, the most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to hit hard and hit often.”


Stunning in the Spotlight Barbie Doll

"Stunning in the Spotlight" is the last Barbie Silkstone of 2009. Here is what the BC.Com site says about this doll:
The "Since 1959" Collection commemorates famed vintage fashions, re-invented for a new era! Barbie® doll is always the dramatic, superlative star! Stunning in the Spotlight™ Barbie® Doll is ready for her close up in a re-creation of the 1960's Solo in the Spotlight® fashion with a modern twist.
I was going to buy every Silkstone that was issued in 2009 because of the anniversary but I'm passing on this one. Not because she's not pretty, she is very pretty, but because of the price...$161.96!
She will not be mine.

New Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll - Available 11/12/09

The 2009 Gold Label Hard Rock Cafe doll has been revealed. She's different. I've learned not to judge Barbie dolls by their promotional photos which are almost always much better than the real thing.
I can say that the price is too high. They're all going up and that's not good.
Here's the description from Mattel:
"Edgy glam meets sleek style in one decadent doll courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe. Berbie doll rocks the rockabilly look in a pink bustier with golden and black trim, black pencil skirt, fishnets and sky high Mary Janes. Cute tattoos decorate the doll arms and adorable accessories include more than just the usual bling. A rockin' bass guitar to jam with the band accompanies this rock star!"

Retail Price is $79.96


Tonner Doll — Fashion Zombies™ from Re-Imagination

Just when you thought it was safe to sleep in your doll room TDC releases Fashion Zombies™! These two creatures are part of Tonner's Re-Imagination line and are truly knockouts.
 My favorite is "Death Becomes Her." I love the promotional photo with it's grey tones and misty mood. The doll has the Magnolia sculpt, brown eyes and cameo skin tone. According to the description on the Tonner site, her hair has been 'heavily styled' for these prototype photos. It kind of looks like what happens when you try to comb out Barbie hair but on this doll it works and it's very sexy.
"This damsel of decay arrives in an ethereal chiffon gown with meticulous shirring over multipatterned mesh tights. Askew chain earrings, matching necklace and criss-cross faux leather high-heeled shoes also included."

The other doll is called "Death By Fashion," a title that sounds vaguely like "Fashion Victim." She has the Lana Lang sculpt, grey eyes and the cameo skin tone. Her eye are verrrry strange and look as if there is no iris or pupil.
"The ghastly undead is swathed in a chartreuse and grey chiffon dress over black multi-patterned mesh tights and lace-up high-heeled shoes. Mesh armbands, gold chain earrings, and intricate chain necklace also included."

Both dolls are on small bust bodies with regular fashion feet.
Suggested retail price is $209.99.
Selling for $178.00 at most Tonner dealers.
More Tonner News:Collectors' United "Glistening"
For information call Cary Green at 706-695-8242 or email diang@collectorsunited.com.

An Angelic Dreamz exclusive Antoinette. LE 200
Her name is "Heavenly." She has cameo skin tone and hazel eyes.
Retail Price $249.99. Angelic Dreamz offers free shipping on this item in the continental US.

Two Daydreamers' Exclusive Character Doll "Scintillating Ashleigh" LE 100
The beautiful and popular Ashleigh sculpt is exclusive to Two Daydreamers. In this version, Ashleigh is on the Antoinette body which makes for a perfect combination of beauty and articulation.

"She is wearing a magnificent evening gown with meticulous shirring, extravagant ruffled collar, and elegant fabric flowers across the back of the skirt. Matching hat with floral and feathered accents create a look right off the Dior runway. Beaded earrings and bracelets, pantyhose, and faux leather strappy high-heeled shoes complete her outfit. Includes display stand."Suggested Retail Price $274.99 Sells for $249.99

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WU Iconic Convention ~ Super Saturday

The centerpiece at the W Club luncheon was called Vanishing Point.

The giftset doll was finally revealed to be a light skinned version of Natalia.
The name of the set is Power Game.

Saturday night's centerpiece doll was Dania Zarr as Optic Clash.

The Convention Doll was a new character called Elise Jolie. This edition is called "Blue Blood."

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Picture of the Week Award ~ October 4, 2009

Our picture of the week was made by Stephan Drouin aka DollDude on the boards. I asked Stephan to describe the doll, the photograph and to offer us any other relevant information.

This doll is what some call a hybrid. She uses the Best Models Monte Carlo Barbie head on an articulated Day to Night Teresa Barbie body which proved to be a 100% color match. She's wearing pieces from the DC Comics’ Black Canary Barbie. Her face paint is all original and I curled her long, straight, center-parted hair into a sexy flip and gave it the illusion of a side-part at the front. As you can see, I like to put my own spin on every doll I get my hands on, and that usually involves what I call a hair-over. To me, hair is one of the most important things on a fashion doll; a doll can have the most beautiful face and the most stylish outfit, but if her hair is a mess, that can ruin the whole look. As for clothes and accessories, I usually love to mix and match pieces from different doll makers to achieve the look I've envisioned for each "model,” and that can mean mixing expensive items with cheap ones. I used natural light for this picture which is a recent thing for me as I would only use artificial lighting before. I rarely ever use any props in my pics as I like the focus to be on the doll and styling.

Stephan has said it all. Hair and styling make the doll. I agree.
Looking at this beautiful Mattel doll has offered a delightful break from the intense Fashion Royalty days that have just passed.

Congratulations, Doll Dude, on the Picture of the Week Award!