Stunning in the Spotlight Barbie Doll

"Stunning in the Spotlight" is the last Barbie Silkstone of 2009. Here is what the BC.Com site says about this doll:
The "Since 1959" Collection commemorates famed vintage fashions, re-invented for a new era! Barbie® doll is always the dramatic, superlative star! Stunning in the Spotlight™ Barbie® Doll is ready for her close up in a re-creation of the 1960's Solo in the Spotlight® fashion with a modern twist.
I was going to buy every Silkstone that was issued in 2009 because of the anniversary but I'm passing on this one. Not because she's not pretty, she is very pretty, but because of the price...$161.96!
She will not be mine.


  1. She reminded me of a Red Moon that I rerooted in platinum blonde a few years back.

  2. Oh Terri with an "i" I am sure Usted will find her cheap later on..I haven't bough a Silkston in about 3 years but this years line was almost tempting..

  3. @Dolling_Boy: I think you are right. Mattel may even lower the price themselves when sales are slow. They've done it before. I can wait.

  4. You are very right that Mattel tends to lower its prices eventually when sales are slow. The recent Dream Sale is great evidence of this!

    I had my eye on The Pirate Barbie forever. With an original retail price of $175, I certainly wasn't going to buy her. But during the sale, Mattel lowered the price to $100 and then offered 25% off. So I got her for $75. Not bad considering the original price!

  5. @M.J.
    The Pirate Barbie was a very attractive and interesting doll. I couldn't believe the initial price. $75 was a great price considering the original. Congratulations on adding her to your collection!