WU Iconic Convention ~ Super Saturday

The centerpiece at the W Club luncheon was called Vanishing Point.

The giftset doll was finally revealed to be a light skinned version of Natalia.
The name of the set is Power Game.

Saturday night's centerpiece doll was Dania Zarr as Optic Clash.

The Convention Doll was a new character called Elise Jolie. This edition is called "Blue Blood."

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  1. Does anyone else love Elise Jolie as me? I LOVE HER!!! I love that pouty face, her killer cheekbones, that air of snootiness but it's part of her charm for me. In a way I think it's so refreshing to see a FR character that doesn't have huge collagen filled lips hehe

  2. @Dolls of Color - I love her, too. The minute I saw her I thought she was amazing.