Picture of the Week Award ~ October 4, 2009

Our picture of the week was made by Stephan Drouin aka DollDude on the boards. I asked Stephan to describe the doll, the photograph and to offer us any other relevant information.

This doll is what some call a hybrid. She uses the Best Models Monte Carlo Barbie head on an articulated Day to Night Teresa Barbie body which proved to be a 100% color match. She's wearing pieces from the DC Comics’ Black Canary Barbie. Her face paint is all original and I curled her long, straight, center-parted hair into a sexy flip and gave it the illusion of a side-part at the front. As you can see, I like to put my own spin on every doll I get my hands on, and that usually involves what I call a hair-over. To me, hair is one of the most important things on a fashion doll; a doll can have the most beautiful face and the most stylish outfit, but if her hair is a mess, that can ruin the whole look. As for clothes and accessories, I usually love to mix and match pieces from different doll makers to achieve the look I've envisioned for each "model,” and that can mean mixing expensive items with cheap ones. I used natural light for this picture which is a recent thing for me as I would only use artificial lighting before. I rarely ever use any props in my pics as I like the focus to be on the doll and styling.

Stephan has said it all. Hair and styling make the doll. I agree.
Looking at this beautiful Mattel doll has offered a delightful break from the intense Fashion Royalty days that have just passed.

Congratulations, Doll Dude, on the Picture of the Week Award!


  1. dear teri,

    I have monte-carlo barbie as well, how can I make that beautiful hair style?