New Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll - Available 11/12/09

The 2009 Gold Label Hard Rock Cafe doll has been revealed. She's different. I've learned not to judge Barbie dolls by their promotional photos which are almost always much better than the real thing.
I can say that the price is too high. They're all going up and that's not good.
Here's the description from Mattel:
"Edgy glam meets sleek style in one decadent doll courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe. Berbie doll rocks the rockabilly look in a pink bustier with golden and black trim, black pencil skirt, fishnets and sky high Mary Janes. Cute tattoos decorate the doll arms and adorable accessories include more than just the usual bling. A rockin' bass guitar to jam with the band accompanies this rock star!"

Retail Price is $79.96


  1. Laura/LunaL10/9/09, 3:43 PM

    Yeah, that is too much. The Tonner zombies seem overpriced as well. The blonde is out of this world gorgeous but for 190-200? No. With the prices going up I'm turning more to creating for my Cissy/Antoinette and less to looking for additions to the collections.

  2. 79? for a Barbie doll is too much anytime...I rather buy a Syb SHoe pack..
    or Fabric and make somethign for My Neo!!!

  3. I absolutely love her rockabilly look - the bass and her tatts are making me drool... unfortunately for this doll, she uses the Mackie face AGAIN!

    In *my* opinion, I think the Generation Girl (1998 Barbie face) would have been better for a rockabilly siren - that face was perfect on the Pin-Up Collection girls, they do exude a cheesy air brushed look which would be so fitting for the pin-up style - a staple of the rockabilly aesthetics.

  4. I am the most disappointed with the use of the MM body. Again! Maybe it's just me, but I feel that the Hard Rock dolls should definitely be articulated.

  5. Eh, I have never gotten excited about the Hard Rock Barbie dolls. Not my thing.

  6. I had all of them at one time. After last year's debacle of a hairstyle, I decided to sell. Of course #1 flew first. I think most of the rest are here to stay unless I practically give them away. We'll see.

  7. She looks like a cheaper Katie Perry (by Integrity).

    And I agree with Commenter O that this series of dolls ought to be articulated.