Every time I see pictures of the destruction of Far Rockaway and Rockaway Beach I feel stunned.  My grandparents had a summer house on Beach 29th at Seagirt and I spent the best part of my childhood there. That house was razed years ago but is in my heart forever. Going to the beach during the day and the boardwalk at night. It never got any better.

The boardwalk is gone. 

As an adult I taught in a public school on Beach 5st St and I could see the ocean 2 blocks away through my classroom window. I wonder if the mosaic mural my art students created survived in the lobby of the building.

Another hurricane I remember...I was less than 10 years old. My mother drove to Rockaway from Brooklyn where we lived to 'rescue' my grandparents because the bay and the ocean had met. I remember all the earth worms on the sidewalks. There's no reason or rhyme as to what is important to a young child. That was very long ago. The water was thigh high in front of the house. I don't remember where my mother parked the car.

The Rockaways are situated between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Jamaica Bay on the other.  

Please donate something to the American Red Cross.  Anything. This is the United States and we need each other. It happened here.


Progress in the New Doll Room

Unpacking and organizing the dolls has been more difficult than packing them. I did not keep all the dolls dressed. Some were only partly dressed and some nude. Anyway, it was time to record more progress and I have done so with a bunch of quick snaps taken during the hurricane yesterday afternoon. We're halfway there.

Here are a few more shots I took this afternoon after unpacking the rest of my FR and many of my Silkstones.

 The large showcase for my Tonner 16" dolls is elsewhere in the house.