Funny Stuff Re: Kardashian Barbie Dolls

The not-so-newsworthy info is out. Mattel is really going to make Kardashian Barbie dolls. They will be Barbie pals. According to a Mattel source, "The dolls will reflect the girls' measurements and may even come in Kardashian-designed outfits."
Does that mean they will be short, have big thighs, huge chests and dress inappropriately? Gawd. These girls are not role models; they are a greedy bunch of media whores. I would rather look at anorexic runway models and I can't stand them either.

Can it get any worse?

Some comments from readers on one news site are interesting to read:

-Not-so-ironically, the Mattel toys will have higher IQs than the K sisters.

-Disgusting!!! I am a barbie collector and Barbie's name should not be mixed with trash. Barbie is a doll that every girl has the last thing we need is young girls buying these dolls specially with the Kardashian's trashy history, Kim's sex tape etc, we don't need that kind of trash feeding young girls, I am very disappointed in Mattel for even considering this. Everyone against this should write an email to the Mattel Head Quarters to voice their opinion. I will surely be doing so shortly. The Kardashian's need to vanish from this planet they are as low as anyone can get. Disgusting...

-Well POOR Barbie. So much for her reputation. What does this say to young girls growing up.. Start your career with a SEX Tape & you can be just like me. Just watch me scam people.
-this is why the world is going to hell.

-Plastic - Marked by artificiality or superficiality; synthetic: a plastic world of fad, hype, and sensation!

-Mattel is hurting that much in sales that it needs to take the low road? Shame on them!
-Another company for the boycott list. I will never ever buy anything Kardashian

-Ok. It said Barbies, but what about that transgender in the middle? They should make a Ken for that man in heels. And why make dolls after a person who got peed on?
 Seriously, think about this: Mattel decides to make dolls from this unholy trio yet cancels the Silkstone Palm Beach Ken doll. Yes, I'm still pissed over that one.

This is a riot:


Monster High Cheap Thrills

I swear I was going to get rid of the five I still had when another shipment arrived. They just sneaked in when I wasn't paying attention.

I really just wanted Cupid because she was hard to get. Such a sickness.

Someone should tell the people at Mattel that Cupid was not a monster. Cupid was a god.

Monster cum God High?


Tonner Doll Company New Website

Click on the image above to visit the new Tonner Doll Company website. It will be well worth your time.

Image of Robert and the reproduction of his signature are the property of TDC.

Sales on Integrity Dolls

I've asked this question about IT products previously: "Is it the dolls or the economy?" The reason for the question is that I collected Fashion Royalty during the years when there was never a sale. And for the past two years, there are always IT dolls on sale somewhere.

At Susan's Shop of Dolls alone, the following are on sale: (some of these links may no longer be active)
Cosmic Love Amelie
FR2 Impossibly Beautiful Dominique Dressed Doll for $149.00 at
Bemused Monogram Dressed Doll for $106.25 at
Envied Monogram Dressed Doll for $106.25 at
Fascination Monogram Dressed Doll for $127.50 at
Illumination Monogram Dressed Doll for $127.50 at
Jubilation Monogram Dressed Doll for $127.50 at
Passionate Monogram Dressed Doll for $106.25 at
Brides of Dracula Dressed Dolls for $106.00 each at
A Girl I know Named Holly Basic Dressed Doll for $75.00 at
5th Avenue at 6 A.M. Holly Golightly Dressed Doll for $106.00 at

These are not dolls that have been out a long time except maybe for the Brides of Dracula. There are other doll shops that have IT dolls on sale as well. Is there a doll you wanted but didn't get last year? Do a Google search and get your best price or check out the link to Intergrity Toy's Dealer List:  http://integritytoys.com/page/dealers
Don't forget to take into consideration the cost of shipping! And if you were a member of the W Club, you may still have a coupon to use towards shipping or something off. I never used any of my club perks. 


The Year in Dolls - A 2011 Montage

So many dolls; so little time.
I just spent a few fun hours going through the doll stuff  that passed through my doors this past year. A fair amount of what is pictured went back out the same doors after I got bored, traded, or decided to 'reinvest' the funds. Some of what arrived isn't pictured probably because it hasn't even been photographed yet.
The original image is 5000 pixels square at 300dpi. This one is very reduced but if you click on it a larger version will open. Can you identify everything? Can you find Waldo?

Let's Start 2012 by Featuring Glorious Repaints seen on Prego

There is a lot of glorious eye candy in the form of repainted dolls being posted today on Prego. Here are a few just from the first page.
First up by Nigel Chia:
Freeze Frame Avantguard and Spring Kissed respectively. Amazing, right?

Next, a Monster High repaint/redress by Freddy Tan:
Do you see her nails?

By Laurie Lenz:
"Always Playing Solitaire" Ellowyne Repaint.

By France Briere:
Silkstone Barbie.

From (the amazing) James in Florida:
Repainted Sybarite Geometry.