Monster High Cheap Thrills

I swear I was going to get rid of the five I still had when another shipment arrived. They just sneaked in when I wasn't paying attention.

I really just wanted Cupid because she was hard to get. Such a sickness.

Someone should tell the people at Mattel that Cupid was not a monster. Cupid was a god.

Monster cum God High?


  1. I'm just going to try not to look! My excuse--I have an 11 and an 8 year-old I can "buy them for," so I don't even have to dip into my own doll budget!

  2. @8 and 11 are the perfect age. They love these dolls. Don't look. Hahaha.

  3. terri, these are so cute!

    but i think you have a typo in your last sentence...


  4. @Angie: click on the word you think is a typo. I am probably too old because I use Latin words the way people use slang.

  5. oh what a nice collection of MH you have!
    That pink haired one I have never seen before. How cool is she!

  6. FAB Pic, Terri!

    On another note....Congrats on Toxica. I couldn't post on Prego. Have fun!


  7. @Gerri: I wonder what the problem is with Boardhost today. So many issues!
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. Donna Fairymagic1/8/12, 10:11 AM

    I love these dolls!! I have been bitten and smitten by yet another line ... Sigh ..I bought 2 of them last year when they would all be sitting on hte shelves and no one wanted them but me! Now they are so HOT !!at least they are affordable!!My friend got me the Cupid..I still can't find any, the stores are still out of everything MH around here ...

  9. @Donna: I live in shopping hell, maybe you do, too. I was in our Walmart last night and asked an employee when the Monster High shipment was expected as the shelves were ravaged and bare-looking. She told me it just came in. So the other doll-deprived vultures in my neighborhood had already been there! There were a few MH cars and a few of the Sweet 1600 sets available and that was it.