The Year in Dolls - A 2011 Montage

So many dolls; so little time.
I just spent a few fun hours going through the doll stuff  that passed through my doors this past year. A fair amount of what is pictured went back out the same doors after I got bored, traded, or decided to 'reinvest' the funds. Some of what arrived isn't pictured probably because it hasn't even been photographed yet.
The original image is 5000 pixels square at 300dpi. This one is very reduced but if you click on it a larger version will open. Can you identify everything? Can you find Waldo?


  1. Excellent, Teri. Really enjoyed it. All the best for 2012.

  2. Nice array of dolls and wow how nice to have them come through your door! Wish we were closer so I can help debox! :0)

    and no Waldo but I see "Gumby dammit".
    Happy new Year!

  3. Happy new year Terri - great montage!

  4. This is just lovely!

    Waldo doesn't happen to be Malicious's necklace, does it? That would have been my own personal choice, LOL!

  5. @Alison: Thanks for your comments. Waldo refers to Fauxnessa (the new Vanessa sculpt) and a prior montage I did of Vanessa faces which included hers.