Sales on Integrity Dolls

I've asked this question about IT products previously: "Is it the dolls or the economy?" The reason for the question is that I collected Fashion Royalty during the years when there was never a sale. And for the past two years, there are always IT dolls on sale somewhere.

At Susan's Shop of Dolls alone, the following are on sale: (some of these links may no longer be active)
Cosmic Love Amelie
FR2 Impossibly Beautiful Dominique Dressed Doll for $149.00 at
Bemused Monogram Dressed Doll for $106.25 at
Envied Monogram Dressed Doll for $106.25 at
Fascination Monogram Dressed Doll for $127.50 at
Illumination Monogram Dressed Doll for $127.50 at
Jubilation Monogram Dressed Doll for $127.50 at
Passionate Monogram Dressed Doll for $106.25 at
Brides of Dracula Dressed Dolls for $106.00 each at
A Girl I know Named Holly Basic Dressed Doll for $75.00 at
5th Avenue at 6 A.M. Holly Golightly Dressed Doll for $106.00 at

These are not dolls that have been out a long time except maybe for the Brides of Dracula. There are other doll shops that have IT dolls on sale as well. Is there a doll you wanted but didn't get last year? Do a Google search and get your best price or check out the link to Intergrity Toy's Dealer List:  http://integritytoys.com/page/dealers
Don't forget to take into consideration the cost of shipping! And if you were a member of the W Club, you may still have a coupon to use towards shipping or something off. I never used any of my club perks. 

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  1. As a FR collector I have to say its because some of these dolls of late are awful..and they aren't selling because of that not the economy...I mean look at the first one you link to..I would not take her for $5...