Huguette Clark's Doll Collection "Empty Mansions"

Little could entice copper mining heiress Huguette Clark out of her solitary life in a vast Fifth Avenue apartment, except her love of dolls.
The recluse, who died childless at the age of 104, had a collection of china dolls, and perfectly scaled houses and accessories for them, believed to be worth more than $2 million.
And, although she was seldom seen in public, Ms Clark would come out of her lavish apartment if it meant adding to the collection. 
In their book, Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune, Bill Dedman and Paul Clark Newell Jr. reveal how the heiress attended a Christian Dior fashion show - to search for doll's clothes.

Madrid Fashion Doll Exclusive JamieShow "TOREADORA" Grace

A most beautiful Jamieshow Grace was presented in Madrid at the Fashion Doll event. She is LE 25 and is priced at $450.
I love the gold eye shadow,  red lips and raven hair.  It looks like the wig cap is a long pony tail. It's an excellent look for this resin BJD.


No Surprise Here: IDEX 2014 is Cancelled

Those who have been involved or who have attended IDEX received this letter today:

The collectible doll and teddy bear trade show IDEX Premiere has been canceled for 2014 and will discontinue all show operations moving forward. While we have enjoyed working with the doll and teddy bear industry over the last decade, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the show and all of its related events and workshops.
IDEX, a trade show dedicated to the celebration of dolls, teddy bears, toys and collectible playthings, ran without interruption for twenty-two years. Held in cities all over the country, most recently in Orlando, Florida, IDEX was for many years the premiere place to see what trends and developments were to come in the industry, meet and mingle with fellow collectors, and learn crafting skills at a myriad of workshops. While we are sad to see IDEX come to an end, we have a wealth of great memories and personal friendships that will stay with us for a lifetime. 
In closing, we would like to thank all of the artists, exhibitors, manufacturers, buyers and collectors who made IDEX a vibrant and exciting environment for more than two decades. We wish you all the best.
Susan Fitzgerald
Vice President, IDEX
What we saw last April, was a huge decrease in attendance of larger manufacturers such as Madame Alexander.  I had not attended the prior two years but three years ago, the showroom floor was a bustling area with more than one could take in in a day. This time it was downright boring. Except for 4 or 5 booths, little was worth the time and/or effort to look at. 
It is entirely possible that part of the demise of IDEX is due to the changed date from winter to spring. February is Toy Fair in New York. January has been the month to attend IDEX. And the hotel change was a mistake as well. I loved the Rosen Shingle Creek. In a blog post created on 9/26/10, I describe the hotel.

Soon all business will be conducted without talking to a real human in person. That's what's 'trending.'


Lawn Has Weeds

She arrived today. I love her fashion. It's better than it looks in the promos. But I am very disappointed because she has several defects. There is a yellow streak of paint on her neck. It's not a small amount either. There are also a few scratches on her torso which I examined after I found the paint.
I sent an email to the appropriate folks at Superfrock and I attached 6 large photo close-ups of the problems. The test of customer service will make it's results shown tomorrow if they do not answer right away. They ask to be notified in 24 hours if there is a problem. I expect a reply within the same amount of time. Honestly, the only answer I will be happy with is a new body. They can have the damaged one picked up and send me another.

ZestZest , Sour Pea and Cookiecutter

Today Superdoll announced that two new outfits and the hat set have been posted for sale. http://www.superdollonline.co.uk/acatalog/SYBARITES.html

The piece d' resistance from this collection and the ultimate in accessories!
4 pack of divine quaint and cute hats!
4 HAT pack only.
ED: 100 pieces worldwide!
Price: £105.99 ($167.67 US)

A very delicate frock of rose satin with lace overlay. Sleeves and neckline addorned in bows.
Divine set of bracelets in 'gold'.
Also included is a pair of matching hose and a pair of ultra glamping court heels trimmed with lace flowers.
And of course she was her own matching pinwheel
ED: 80 pieces worldwide!

Price: £109.75  ($173.61 US)


Gorgeous soft citrus silk strapless dress with chiffon inserts and ribbon detailing, accented by a volumous silk chiffon caper with ribbon bow at neckline.
Custom printed make up bag.
Also included is a pair of matching hose and a pair of ultra glamping court heels trimmed with lace flowers .
And of course she was her own matching pinwheel

ED: 80 pieces worldwide!

Price: £107.99 ($170.83 US)

My personal favorite of these three items is Zest Zest. I like the fabric and the style. Overall this has been a lovely, albeit tame, collection of pastel and summery offerings. 




Photos and Video from Facets 2013 BBQ

You may be aware that Marcia Friend of Facets by Marcia has a barbeque every year at her home with husband Paul. All doll collectors are invited. This year the event was on Sunday, September 8.
Bob and I, along with Rudy, have been attending for several years. I wouldn't miss it!
I get to hang out with doll buddies, shop, sell, get free stuff, give free stuff,  have show and tell and all good things one does with doll friends.
Here is a link to some fun photographs from the event. Don't miss the video at the bottom of the page. I do make an appearance wearing my fabulous new fur.
Can you spot Rudy under the table?



A Few New Pictures

Tulabelle: Trend Spotted
An impulse buy-$99 was a great price. I like her fashion a lot, her face not so much. She's definitely a candidate for a repaint but I'm not keeping the doll - just the outfit. The glasses are Horsman. She's got a hairnet on as she's going to a new home. I like my dolls a little more mature-looking but she does have a pretty cute vibe.

J'Adore Gene Marshall wearing "All About the Eyes."
I tried but I could not get those gold gloves on. If this were a vinyl doll I would have pushed and pulled until they went on...not with a resin doll.
For this gal, none of the available wig caps please me as much as a few of my Sybarite wigs.  I have seen several restyled JamieShow wigs looking really great but I'm not talented in that department.
I love this look on her.

Deja Vu "My Afternoon Stroll" wearing Sybarite jeans and sweater, Ficon sneakers and a random wig. I can't warm up to this doll. I need dolls to feel right from the start. She doesn't suit my style although she is very versatile and can wear so many fashion items I have already.

Precarious Precious Metal wearing Antoinette's "Optimistic" fashion and Fashion Royalty earrings. This doll's beauty was a surprise to me. Her original outfit was overwhelming and once I took it off, she came alive.


Hervé Léger Barbie

There was a question about whether or not this doll would be produced at all and now she has appeared on Amazon.es (Spain.) Price is listed at 114,18€ which translates to $150.37.
No disponible temporalmente.
Pídelo ya y lo enviaremos cuando esté disponible. Recibirás un e-mail con la fecha de entrega estimada en cuanto tengamos más información. El cobro a tu cuenta se realizará cuando se envíe el producto.
Vendido y enviado por Amazon. Se puede envolver para regalo. 

Translation: Temporarily unavailable.
Order now and we'll deliver when available. You will receive an e-mail with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. The charge will be made to your account when the product is shipped.
Sold & Shipped by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
The product looks gorgeous and if the doll really looks like this I want her. I still hate that dumb body but I like the fashions. I like the background printed inside the box, too.

I know that rarely does anything look as good as Mattel's promotional photos but there's always hope.

Would you buy this doll for $150.? What about $100.? Would you buy this doll at all? :-)

And if you would like to know more about the designer, Herve Leger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herve_Leger

My Wistful Season Ellowyne

Wilde Imagination has introduced this adorable Ellowyne today. She seems to be dressed for fall or for back to school.

My Wistful Season - $165 - In Stock Now
Including a rich rooted mane of raven hair, painted blue eyes highlighted by applied lashes and delicate hand-painted features, My Wistful Season; Ellowyne arrives to you in style, featuring her ruffle-trimmed plaid frock beneath a rich black double-breasted velvet coat, dotted with red buttons and red accented sleeves and collar. Her ensemble is complete with polka dot tights, black beret and glittery black lace-up booties. Designer stand included. LE 1000
Click on the photograph to go to Wilde Imagination's web site for Ellowyne.

Picture of the Day by Cholo Ayuyao

Cholo's nephew Keagan, whom he has nicknamed "Keagan the Destroyer" appears occasionally in his photos. It's fun watching this little boy grow up around Cholo's stunning creations. Yesterday this wonderful photo was posted on Facebook.


Keagan the Destroyer strikes again!!!! Good thing Cadenza was still graceful under pressure, pressure from Keagan's dinosaur toys not to far from her. LOLs

New Trio of Dynamite Girls Dolls from Integrity

'Tis the season for all things Halloween. Sooki has her cute coffin handbag, Damon has removable horns and Dani has blue lips. 

Spooky Sooki: The Return
Dynamite Girl™ Dressed Doll
2013 IT Direct Exclusive
Limited Edition of 1000 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $65.00

Available for Pre-order Directly from IT Direct
Approximate Ship Date: Late September 2013

Handsome Devil
Damon™ Fashion Figure
The Dynamite Girls™ Collection
Limited Edition of 800 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $65.00
Approximate Ship Date: Late September 2013
Available from All Integrity Toys Authorized Dealers

Dead In Her Tracks
Dani™ Dressed Doll
The Dynamite Girls™ Collection
Limited Edition of 800 Dolls
Suggested Retail Price: $65.00
Approximate Ship Date: Late September 2013
Available from All Integrity Toys Authorized Dealers

What do you think?