Hervé Léger Barbie

There was a question about whether or not this doll would be produced at all and now she has appeared on Amazon.es (Spain.) Price is listed at 114,18€ which translates to $150.37.
No disponible temporalmente.
Pídelo ya y lo enviaremos cuando esté disponible. Recibirás un e-mail con la fecha de entrega estimada en cuanto tengamos más información. El cobro a tu cuenta se realizará cuando se envíe el producto.
Vendido y enviado por Amazon. Se puede envolver para regalo. 

Translation: Temporarily unavailable.
Order now and we'll deliver when available. You will receive an e-mail with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. The charge will be made to your account when the product is shipped.
Sold & Shipped by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
The product looks gorgeous and if the doll really looks like this I want her. I still hate that dumb body but I like the fashions. I like the background printed inside the box, too.

I know that rarely does anything look as good as Mattel's promotional photos but there's always hope.

Would you buy this doll for $150.? What about $100.? Would you buy this doll at all? :-)

And if you would like to know more about the designer, Herve Leger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herve_Leger


  1. For $100 I definitely would! $150 is a bit too much for a doll like this. The non articulated body is a no issue to me, but I never paid that much for a doll in a casual/contemporary wear. If she's wearing a show stopper gown or silkstone then that's a different thing. Hopefully she doesn't end up like Anemone, Dolly Forever, Christabelle, Pirate or the 2007 Ferrari dolls. With so many selling for much less than retail (Christabelle and Pirate sold at only $55 from $175) strange why Mattel would even dare to put such a high price on her. Either they are really rooting for this girl or they never learn from the past...

  2. Hmmm... this does look pretty nice, but I have a feeling Mattel will find a way to cheapen it up. Don't you?

    $150 for a Model Muse body is just still to much. Mattel has a pivotal body they already created, and it's very good. I guess it's just too much to ask.

    1. I really do not understand their continued use of a body that most people are tired of.

    2. "box" mentality?

  3. Hi!

    First of all, I would like to say thank you for creating this blog, Terry. My name is Gaizka and I have been following it almost since I started collecting dolls two years ago. I like to read your different point of view when a new release is announced. I am learning to be more critical about what I really get for my money.

    That said, and focusing on the topic of this post, yesterday I saw this doll for sale in Amazon Spain (I am spanish) and I got surprised when I saw that there were several pictures - which looked official - of this doll that I had not seen anywhere else. At this moment, the doll can still be preordered but there are no images.

    In behalf of the price, and if they have converted it as with other dolls, I would expect the US price to be 100$ or less. Usually, the prices of Barbie dolls here are higher than the original price in dollars converted to euros. I guess it is because of shipping costs and EU taxes.

    I am on the fence with this doll, but knowing that it is so expected I will seriously consider preordering it.

    PD: Sorry for my poor english.

    PD(2): I also hate that model body, always in the same pose.

    1. Hi Gaizka: Your English is very good. No apology necessary. Something happened yesterday that was very strange. I pre-ordered the doll from Amazon.es and the price did come to be much lower. I thought that was a mistake but now, after reading what you have said, maybe it is not a mistake. Thank you for your post!

  4. Well, congratulations to Mattel for producing a doll by a designer actually known by the public rather than their recent choices. (Trina Turk who?)

    The doll is lovely but over-priced. More annoying to me than the body is the doll's over-packaging--see the clear "halo" around the doll's head, an hour to debox. The doll's hair is sprayed STIFF: what is the point?

    Kudos to Mattel for getting a REAL "name" but this is a pass for me.

  5. I understand Herve Leger is a designer and may (Mattel feels) warrant the higher price tag. But my Silkstone Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina cost less that this. I think we're paying for the designer label and the (have to admit) great packaging.

    As for Barbies in general, and even larger doll collecting, at some point we have to resolve within ourselves- what do we want? A mannequin which displays terrific clothes, or a poseable play doll which can wear the clothes, but takes up room.

    Do not mind the Model Muse body at all, since she will stand and model these terrific outfits. Cheaper? Change the packaging. I'd hate to even debox her this way. I guess it's MY box mentality.

    1. I can't resolve anything. LOL.

  6. I would absolutely buy her, keep the fashions, and sell that robotic doll...I hate those stupid bodies!!!

    1. I believe this is why Mattel keeps using them. It's not possible that they don't know people are tired of the body. I've seen posts on their chat board expressing this opinion. But "we" keep buying them. Ugh.