A Few New Pictures

Tulabelle: Trend Spotted
An impulse buy-$99 was a great price. I like her fashion a lot, her face not so much. She's definitely a candidate for a repaint but I'm not keeping the doll - just the outfit. The glasses are Horsman. She's got a hairnet on as she's going to a new home. I like my dolls a little more mature-looking but she does have a pretty cute vibe.

J'Adore Gene Marshall wearing "All About the Eyes."
I tried but I could not get those gold gloves on. If this were a vinyl doll I would have pushed and pulled until they went on...not with a resin doll.
For this gal, none of the available wig caps please me as much as a few of my Sybarite wigs.  I have seen several restyled JamieShow wigs looking really great but I'm not talented in that department.
I love this look on her.

Deja Vu "My Afternoon Stroll" wearing Sybarite jeans and sweater, Ficon sneakers and a random wig. I can't warm up to this doll. I need dolls to feel right from the start. She doesn't suit my style although she is very versatile and can wear so many fashion items I have already.

Precarious Precious Metal wearing Antoinette's "Optimistic" fashion and Fashion Royalty earrings. This doll's beauty was a surprise to me. Her original outfit was overwhelming and once I took it off, she came alive.


  1. For me, the Deja Vu doll has a very strange nose, it really detracts from her otherwise attractive face.

  2. Wow--Gene is really fantastic, Terri! Gorgeous.