Lawn Has Weeds

She arrived today. I love her fashion. It's better than it looks in the promos. But I am very disappointed because she has several defects. There is a yellow streak of paint on her neck. It's not a small amount either. There are also a few scratches on her torso which I examined after I found the paint.
I sent an email to the appropriate folks at Superfrock and I attached 6 large photo close-ups of the problems. The test of customer service will make it's results shown tomorrow if they do not answer right away. They ask to be notified in 24 hours if there is a problem. I expect a reply within the same amount of time. Honestly, the only answer I will be happy with is a new body. They can have the damaged one picked up and send me another.


  1. Hello Terri,

    After my not so good experiences with Superfrock's customer service concerning my Tock doll I hope they'll have changed since then.

    I remember they wanted me to send back the doll including dress and extras at my own expense which then was to be refunded after their having seen a copy of the receipt by my local post office.

    In my opinion the whole system of customers having to pay in advance with little means of self-help after having their confidence abused should be changed.

    Granting sellers 30 days for delivery or refund in this highly computerized age seems to be outdated. Not to speak of it being almost impossible for the customer to fight against shipped defective goods.

    So I hope your problem will be resolved professionally.


    1. Did you every get your postal costs refunded?

    2. Hello Terri,

      Actually they refunded me after my parcel had reached them.

      I had e-mailed them a copy of the receipt by my local post office.

      Eventually they refunded me an overall of what I had paid: return shipment, doll price as well as the initial shipping cost from them to me.

      Nevertheless, I was very angry and disappointed. For several days I had neither the doll nor my money and I had paid the return shipment in advance.

      What really struck me was their saying to me that I should choose the cheapest way to ship back, which of course I didn't. I chose the least expensive insured method.

      I wish you good luck with those guys.

      But I think having a blog of your own should help.


  2. I would think for that kind of money CS would be impeccable. I could be wrong, though. I love Lawn, and really hope they come through for you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us as I was considering purchasing two of these girls but for the price you do expect quality in workmanship and some type of quality control.

    Good luck and please post your findings for us all as the web is the best form of buyer power we have these days.

    1. I don't know if we have any power at all however, it appears that these dolls aren't moving fast as they have in prior years. They do not need bad publicity. I will let you know.
      Thanks for your input.

    2. Hello again,

      To my great dismay I have to agree that the buyer has almost no power at all.

      Actually, consumer protection laws override such stipulations as having to get into touch with the seller within 24 hours. A non-professional buyer is automatically granted a six months guarantee in European mail order business. The seller has to pay the return shipping cost for goods with a price higher than EUR 40,00.

      Also you would not have to pay at all as a buyer when the seller has not fulfilled their duty resulting from a sales contract by e. g. delivering faulty goods.

      But you can hardly put pressure on the seller by claiming your rights if you have already paid in advance.

      Litigation would be the next step, which for obvious reasons is quite out of the question.

      Furthermore, collectors are almost always the weaker part in a deal.


    3. Actually, because I have paid with a credit card, I do have recourse at this time - and I still have the merchandise. I will wait until they get back from the weekend to hear what they say. It would be acceptable to me to, let's say, pack up the doll and purchase postage on-line, send them the receipt and get paid before I actually post the doll.
      I will protect myself with this transaction. It's unacceptable to be disrespected thus with such expensive merchandise.

    4. Hello again Terri,

      Does your credit card company cover defective merchandise?

      Mine doesn't, unfortunately. So my chances for a refund (after 30 days) are better if there's an undelivery than in the case of receiving faulty goods.


    5. Goods not as described are covered. My credit card company always sides with the consumer.

    6. Update: I received a polite letter-
      "We will be happy to pay the postage for the doll do be returned because this is an international parcel, we cannot supply with return postage tags, it will have to be posted through the post office, We will refund you for shipping and we will be the cost of shipping a new doll back to you.

      Many Thanks


  4. sorry to hear about the weeds on your new Syb Terri... It seems they have missed the 24 hour deadline themselves, eh?

    I don't know about other companies, but when I had to send a body back to IT a few years ago, for replacement, I had to cover the intl costs too...

  5. Terri: Do you happen to know what the Limited Edition number of Lawn dolls was? The other Monoglams were 80 but I can't find naything that tells the number of Lawn dolls sold.
    I love your blogs and phots, BTW!
    Thanks, Michele

    1. I guess they had the same edition size as the others in that line. Not sure, though.