Integrity Toys' "Mommie Dearest" Gift Set Debuts

Well, I wasn't going to do a review of this item for a variety of reasons but reading the interesting comments on the doll boards and reproducing them here was just irresistible. Heads may roll.

"Mommie Dearest" Gift Set is being produced in a surprisingly large edition of 800.  The price is $150.

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Mommie Dearest is a memoir and exposé written by Christina Crawford, the adopted daughter of actress Joan Crawford. The book, which depicts Christina's childhood and her relationship with her mother, was published in 1978.
In the book, Christina Crawford claims that she was a victim of child abuse during her mother's battle with alcoholism and that her mother was more concerned about her motion picture career than the well-being of her four children, suggesting she may have adopted them for publicity purposes. She also suggests that Joan had a long list of affairs with men whom Christina was required to call "Uncle" and rarely "Daddy", and claims Joan also had many affairs with women.
Christina recounts several evenings where Joan's behavior was unbalanced, and at least one encounter with her mother where Crawford attempted to strangle her. In another, Joan reportedly discovered Christina's clothes hanging in a closet on wire hangers, instead of higher-quality padded hangers, and launched into a violent tirade on the subject.

In  Mommie Dearest, Faye Dunaway plays a chilling role as Joan Crawford. I can barely watch the hanger scene without cringing. It's terrifying.  The outfits are the outfits that are reproduced in the gift set. 

The woman portrayed in the movie was a raging, obsessive-compulsive, alcoholic, abusive, egocentric person. The doll is a sweet, pleasant faced thing. 

With this doll, IT introduces their "Quick Switch" system:

...a new, ultra-convenient neck post that will allow collectors to switch between head sculpts without the need to pre-heat the vinyl first! Simply pull, switch and click on a new head for a dramatic new look!
 They note, however: 
The QUICK SWITCH system will work best at room temperature or slightly higher. If you live in a colder climate, please wait until your doll has reached room temperature or slightly higher before attempting to switch heads.
How do you make something higher than room temperature without heating it?
Here are a bunch of positive and negative comments made by collectors. The negative outweighs the positive by far but some of the remarks are hilarious. (I highlighted my favorites in purple.) 
-the doll doesn't really look like Joan Crawford, either with blond hair or darker hair. She doesn't look like Faye Dunaway playing her either.

-the doll just doesn't seem right, its a bit off and I cant put my finger on it, perhaps its the face

-the extra head and the hanger is a riot.

-Not one single thing about her thrilled me - can't believe I'm saying it - but I'm going to pass as well. I didn't like her clothes, her shoes, her hair, the additional crazy head...nothing.

-I will pass on her too. Not buying any old movie thingies any more. I don't relate at all and worse, don't want to.  

-love the new neck system

-wish it came with the can of Ajax and a Brillo pad

-I have no interest in the extra head, (the whole "Mommie Dearest" thing does nothing for me)

-LOVE Joan Crawford! Both the real actress and the character Faye Dunaway played.

-the whited faced face is actually the prettiest of the two

-Recently we got footspeak, we now have Headspeak!

-I guess as great as this series is I also want to recognize the characters. I want to see Joan with her iconic lips, why are they not there?

-I  like the headless swap idea

-I am amused by the two heads, and actually prefer the head with the beauty mask, but still not buying her. I was surprised at the edition size of 800 dolls.

-if only her second face wasn't this white.  

-I think I like her...but then the dolls don't capture the drama of the character.

-Interesting doll, but not my taste. Don't think she looks anything like Joan or Faye.  

-it was Bon Ami powder...I will only clean my bathroom with it!! 

-I will have to be with the "this doll is not for me at this time" camp. I was so excited about Sunset Boulevard and was completely let down. Although I can't wait to get my hands on the new "neck knob" mechanism in a body, the BOD/Victoire body is my least favorite and I have enough black suits already. The one thing about IT is that something else is "right around the corner".  

-I am THRILLED with this set!  It's a dream come true!  I'm hoping the production doll doesn't disappoint me like the Sunset Blvd doll did... I ordered 2 sets so I can fully display both outfits and heads...

-I LOVE this doll! I love the movie Mommy Dearest -- unfortunately, I was raised by a woman just like this character. 

-All I really want are the nude doll and yes, the white face head! Maybe she's recreating an Al Jolson movie -- Mammy Dearest?  

-I'm waiting for a 'Mrs. Bates' gift set (dead and alive heads, a butcher knife, a little blood stained shower curtain and a gray wig) with a skinny Homme as 'NORMANNNN'...

-Love the Quick Switch head - yabadabadoo!!

-this doll should have been older OR in a scene from a younger years.

-I like the idea of interchangeable heads, though I have to say, the promo pic with the two of them looks creepy.LOL

-Went to You tube and watched some clips from the film... Gosh! It's awful, these wire hangers... Sorry, but this doll is a definite pass for me. 


-... So long as the new neck fits the previous/current heads. Plus I'd like to know what's up inside the new heads that can clip on. Will there be a new obstruction that will make rerooting a problem?
As to the doll. I love this head sculpt, but there are better choices this year for her. Plus I'm not into black outfits anymore. I have too many already, and I no longer display them. They look like shadows in my doll collection.
I'd prefer that IT committed to the Joan Crawford makeup on this face.
I'll be passing on her too.   

- While I enjoy the movie as a camp classic, I don't have any interest in this doll not even for the head swap feature (Yes I'm going against the grain). I don't rebody my dolls unless it's a necessity...

-I´m a big fan of Faye, and believe me this doll is neither Joan nor Faye. If she would be I would buy her twice!
-She is pretty and I have to thank Integrity to realize a doll with character and a story which is not the typically "Doris Day" -Mr clean Image!

-I´m a big fan of Faye, and belive me this doll is neither Joan nor Faye. If she would be I would buy her twice!
She is pretty and I have to thank integrity to realize a doll with character and a story which is not the typically "Doris Day" - Mr. Clean Image! I think some dolls are, like eating to much sugary cake. Too much of Barbie-ish smile can cause sickness...I think this Joan doll will be like half bitter chocolate! 

-What will we see next? I'm hoping for "boobswap." I can't keep track of all the bodies and I'd love an adjustable bust so ALL fashions fit. Something inflatable/deflatable. Come to think about it, I'd like that for me, too! 

- Great to have on display as a conversation piece, but that's not really what my doll collecting is about. 

-It might be a little funny but it is uber-tacky in my opinion.

-I think it is inappropriate and done in poor taste.

-She doesn't look anything like Crawford; more like Vera Miles... Tonner's Joan was spot on.

-Sorry to be negative, but she looks just like any other Integrity doll.

-So campy! I don't think it is meant to be taken seriously, it's fabulous!    

-The movie was bad enough...the doll is even worse. The fact that they chose...where she beats the heck out of Christina is just plain wrong. 

The 'hardcore" Integrity Toy's fans usually praise every product that is introduced.  They went beserk over the Jem doll and now pretty much every single other doll in that line is languishing in the dealers' stock.  Who is going to buy 800 of these unusual gift sets now that it appears that the reception is rather cool?  If you are among the fans of this gift set and wish to order one, click here here for the list of IT dealers who may be selling it.



Cocktail Dress and Mermaid Gown Barbie Dolls

Cocktail Dress Barbie
 Can you see that her head is a different color than her body? It's slightly tanned.  I'm going to have to contact them.  I wonder if this is what everyone got. Otherwise, she is as expected. Mattel is very good with pony tails and CD is no exception. The dress is pretty. The fabric under the black lace is the same as that used in the Nolan Miller Sheer Illusion gown under the lace.


Mermaid Gown Barbie
 Mermaid's gown is beautiful and her hair is pretty much exactly the same as the promo-I think I was a little surprised. However, for the price, earrings could have been included.

I have a few shelves displaying lovely Silkstones and I like looking at them but I think it's time to stop.  They don't evolve they just get more expensive. 


Out Sass Vanessa and Gilded Gloom Ellowyne and Gene Marshall

Last night I was playing with the camera on my mini iPad. It's not very good indoors. The pictures came up very grainy. I used some Photoshop effects to improve the looks.

First up is Out Sass Vanessa. She is the fiercest, most troubled-looking Vanessa ever. I get the feeling that she's in a hurry to go somewhere in a hurricane. I had to take off the overly-designed suit as it competed with her hair for attention. This doll needed black and that's it.
I'm not happy with this sculpt - too much pout - too forced. 

Gilded Gloom Ellowyne is my most recent attempt to love an Ello. I've had so many and I keep selling them. The combination of her pretty coloring and her hair were so attractive and she was on sale and you know the rest...
Now she lives here and I think she'll stay - for now. Seriously, I do like her.

Three Gene outfits that were NRFB needed modeling.
IT "Stardust" Convention Gene in AD "Midnight Angel"
IT Gene "Rose Rogue" in AD "The Kiss" 
AD Gene "Blue Fox" in "Rio Rumba"
Note to self...use a real camera next time.


"My Odd Life" Parnilla from Wilde Imagination

My Odd Life Parnilla (resin)
The title of the doll might have been My Odd Face Parnilla.  Seriously, this gal looks like an alien. 

By comparison, Evangeline has begun to look normal. "Past Life" Evangeline is, in fact, quite pretty.
Past Life Evangeline
On their website Wilde Imagination says:
NEW!  It's our First-Ever RESIN Parnilla!  She stands approx. 18-1/2" tall and is crafted entirely of luminescent resin and is completely ball jointed for unlimited posing possibilities. She comes with inset changeable blue eyes, applied lashes, hand-painted details, and a brown wig made of the highest-quality fibers. 
She comes dressed in a beautiful shirred long sleeve sheath gown of embroidered ivory net over lame. On top Parnilla wears a coordinating faux fur with contrasting bow, sheer stockings, matching designer shoes, and a faux  [fur] shoulder wrap with ribbon tie. LE 150  Price: $450.00
Expected Ship Date:  5/22/2013
My Odd Life Parnilla (resin)

See more Parnilla and Evangeline by clicking on the logo below.