Cocktail Dress and Mermaid Gown Barbie Dolls

Cocktail Dress Barbie
 Can you see that her head is a different color than her body? It's slightly tanned.  I'm going to have to contact them.  I wonder if this is what everyone got. Otherwise, she is as expected. Mattel is very good with pony tails and CD is no exception. The dress is pretty. The fabric under the black lace is the same as that used in the Nolan Miller Sheer Illusion gown under the lace.


Mermaid Gown Barbie
 Mermaid's gown is beautiful and her hair is pretty much exactly the same as the promo-I think I was a little surprised. However, for the price, earrings could have been included.

I have a few shelves displaying lovely Silkstones and I like looking at them but I think it's time to stop.  They don't evolve they just get more expensive. 


  1. I just received the mermaid gown yesterday and she is lovely! Too bad about the CD, I hope the one I'm ordering won't be like that. But the dress is beautiful and I agree it does look very similar to the Nolan Miller doll. I've been collecting Barbies for years but new on this Silkstone thing. Looking forward to add more to my collection soon...

  2. Yes i can see the head a different color
    I am in love with her dress