Out Sass Vanessa and Gilded Gloom Ellowyne and Gene Marshall

Last night I was playing with the camera on my mini iPad. It's not very good indoors. The pictures came up very grainy. I used some Photoshop effects to improve the looks.

First up is Out Sass Vanessa. She is the fiercest, most troubled-looking Vanessa ever. I get the feeling that she's in a hurry to go somewhere in a hurricane. I had to take off the overly-designed suit as it competed with her hair for attention. This doll needed black and that's it.
I'm not happy with this sculpt - too much pout - too forced. 

Gilded Gloom Ellowyne is my most recent attempt to love an Ello. I've had so many and I keep selling them. The combination of her pretty coloring and her hair were so attractive and she was on sale and you know the rest...
Now she lives here and I think she'll stay - for now. Seriously, I do like her.

Three Gene outfits that were NRFB needed modeling.
IT "Stardust" Convention Gene in AD "Midnight Angel"
IT Gene "Rose Rogue" in AD "The Kiss" 
AD Gene "Blue Fox" in "Rio Rumba"
Note to self...use a real camera next time.


  1. Ello and friends are now on my "admire others photos" list, which is getting rather long these days as I'm trying to limit the number of dolls coming and going.

    I wonder what it was like to collect dolls during the doll store era - where you could actually view before buying? More than half the dolls I've bought in the last 6 months have not inspired me in person. I'm losing patience and energy for the work involved in hunting, acquiring, displaying and eventually selling cycle.

    I think the iPad mini has the same useless camera as my iPad 2. I don't even bother with it, except to take quick shots of something in a store for reference later.

    But it looks like you had fun playing :)

    1. I lived 11 miles from the Tonner store up until 9 months ago. I could see his dolls in real life!
      These impulsive purchases are, well, impulsive. They look so cute at first and them when they're home, it's WHAT WAS I THINKING? The fact is that I wasn't thinking. If my computer were to be stationed in my doll room, this might not happen. I have no dolls in my office. Maybe I need to move a case of dolls down here. Hmmm.

      Yes, I was having fun.

    2. I'm picturing Terri on a stool, with a guitar..looking longingly at a case full of Vanessa....singing "A Case of You..."

    3. If I'm thinking of the same song you've begun...I'd follow it with the words, "there's a hole in my wallet. "

  2. I was thinking of Joni Mitchell

    1. I was thinking of the old song that begins "Because of you there's a song in my heart."

  3. Some of the dolls are a real surprise when I finally see them.
    As always your photos make everything look better then real life!
    Love the blog.

    Will C.

    1. I'm often surprised myself at what I've purchased. ;-)