House of Zenith "Avenue" New 12" Resin Doll

On March 11, Superdoll released this photo of Avenue for whom I had already pre-paid. I was looking forward to getting one of the first dolls in their new 12" line, House of Zenith.  I based my decision on the success of Solitaire, the first GenX doll who was pretty and had an adorable outfit and vibe. My thinking was very wrong.


I hesitated writing a review for much longer than I normally would as the creators of this doll will not like what I say here but I have to tell the truth and it's my opinion anyway. I know some out there like Avenue and I'm sincerely happy for them. Personally, I will never buy a doll sight unseen from Superdoll again. 

I don't know why I cannot find any photos I took of her in her original state. That's very odd. I'm pretty sure I shot a few, at least. Did I delete them? I'll have to hunt the internet as it's entirely possible that I posted and then deleted the images from my camera.

I am not sure that this is my own photo. 

When the doll arrived, I disliked her look in many ways. Her wig had the texture of straw. The black throw around her shoulders shed all over her yellow dress. I did not like the way the skirt hung on her body. The 'drape' was bad. The pleats were crooked, uneven and did not appear to be sewn properly.

Not shown are the shoes, the handbag, and the head-piece.

I tried to sell her for exactly what it cost me and there wasn't a single taker.

With the wig removed it made a major improvement. She does have a nice face and I like the eye make-up. 

Superdoll skimped on the joints and the details. Look at this photo which compares, side by side, a Dominion Doll, a House of Zenith Doll and a Monarch Doll. Monarch is 12" tall. 

I chose not to have my Dominion doll (left) strongly body blushed and the Monarch Doll (right) has natural-looking blushing. Avenue's blushing is exaggerated.  She has no underbust joint and her knees have only one joint. There is no thigh or ankle joint. She does not have a matte finish and she didn't come with a stand. They should have just made her from vinyl. She looks it.

Avenue (left) vs. Fashion Royalty body.

One has to wonder if this doll was rushed through to make some sort of deadline. 

What she does have going for her is that her feet fit into FR shoes. No doll is perfect but Avenue made me regret my purchase and she was not an inexpensive mistake. She also made me appreciate more the quality, artistry, and attention to detail of the Monarch and Dominion dolls. Vinyl Fashion Royalty dolls are made better. 

I will make the best of it by dressing her in pretty clothes and wigs and never buying another one.


I purchased a separate Superdoll boxed fashion for Avenue and I think it is lovely.

Below is a Rimdoll fashion. Wigs above and below by Culte de Paris.