Ghosts: Here Today; Gone Tomorrow

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I was a little surprised that the Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie sold out so quickly. She was released on 10/11/12 and is gone. The doll was a direct exclusive gold label and retailed for $100. So what was the big deal?
First of all, she's just in time for Halloween. Secondly, there's a cool video featuring Bill Greening discussing the design and creation of the doll. Thunder, lightning and wind along with eerie music punctuate the video. A great mock-up of a  haunted room shows the doll in all of her dead splendor. 
Good marketing. 
In reality, the doll is just another 11.5" semi-articulated piece of vinyl (what else is new?) that may or may not arrive looking like the promo sans haunted house and music. 

The minute I saw her she reminded me of Tonner's Galadriel doll.

She also resembled another Tonner doll that was a centerpiece at the 2010 Halloween Convention. This doll was called "Welcome to the Here-after."

Tonner's Ghost of Christmas Past was a unique rendition of a ghost. The fashion is fabulous, detailed and a huge cut above the stereotypical ghost outfits.

So if you are morose over missing out on the ho-hum Barbie Ghost and you wish to indulge your morbid tastes, have a look at these ghost dolls.
Ghost Art Doll – Annabel Lee
Handmade, OOAK art doll. 12 inches tall.
Mixed media including fabric and Paperclay.
Copyright © 2009, Shain Erin. All rights reserved.
Annabel Lee Ghost Doll - ravensbreath.com
Cojoined Ghost Doll Twins - kerrykate.etsy.com
Then there's always the good old standby Living Dead Dolls.

Isn't Evangeline Ghastly dead? They're not saying but if you read her back story,* she's must be. She doesn't know she's dead...
*(Inspired by Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, The Addams Family, and even Barbra Streisand, Evangeline comes to you straight from the attic of Barkley Manor located in Ipswich, England, across from the local cemetery.)

Graveside Flowers (resin) - A Wilde Weekend Exclusive
Price: $475.00
I don't see the Barbra Streisand connection at all. (Hello, Brooklyn!)