GENX.2 Sybarite Oxide

''Brrrrrr!' I'm so glad its getting cooler, I can finally wear more clothes!'.
Oxide is next into the Tea House and hopes everyone notices her boots, as she removed them to walk on the Tatami!.
Venus can't wait for the tea time games they will play in the miniature chashitsu created for them in the London Salon.
GENX.2 body!
Cosmetique skintone!
With memories of Harajuku, Venus hair is a blended dark auburn, with asymetric cut fringe, straight shoulder length with ever so boufant behive.
Her eyes surrounded in shades of violet and pink with lids bearing a stroke of gold, solid black liner and arched dark coffee brows. Her piercing powder blue eyes are offset with cyan. Lips the colour of dried dark rose.
A dark candy pink jacket of 'leather' is adorned in gold ring applique chainmail, geometric cube sleeves topstitched and further embelished in gold metal studs. Closures of gold magic disc belt (naturally matching her heels and platform soles) clasped in a SUPER custom belt buckle.
She slips off her jacket to reveal a white cotton long sleeve T'shirt with attached white organza geometric neck flounce. Her kilt skirt of pleated 'wool' tartan has pleats secured by gold metalic studs to match her jacket detailing... of course.
Maybe just a small hint as to just what kind of tea party this is going to be!
Furthermore she wears a shade of violet blue that is 'just so' for her full length hose, a metal studded, gold gloss pvc bag with tassle, zipper and stud detail bearing single loop strap, just big enough for maybe some handcuffs or a box of carb free candies. On her feet, fiendish multi strap platform sole ankle boots in gloss gold pvc with space strap utility side fastners in pink and oodles of fierce.
As summer's green turns to pnk; it reveals the atmospheres morph into winter hues.
Let the Games begin!
Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)
Price: £254.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
 £254.00 = $329.88 US


This is a delightful doll with an equally delightful fashion. You can read the details in the text above.  I like everything about it and I'll be looking forward to getting her!