First Ever Jamieshow Convention

The staff at Angelic Dreamz has just announced the debut convention for a JAMIEshow doll! The event will take place on September 28th-30th, 2012 in Canandaigua, New York.

Click on the image above for more information.

Clearance Sale at NJ Cherished Friends

If these Jason Wu designed 21" Cissy dolls get any cheaper, they will be paying us to take them away. Cherished Friends, NJ has Envy, Vice and Lust on sale for $139.99. I have never seen anything like this before. Apparently very few wanted these dolls. I bought Vice more than a year ago and I think she is spectacular. Of the three, I recommend her but that's just my taste. I would get Envy if I had extra bucks to throw around right now.  



Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu, director of social media at Tonner Doll, suggested a documentary movie called Marwencol to me yesterday.  It features a man who survived a severe beating who has created an alternate world using 1/6 scale dolls. It is not about dolls, but it moved both myself and my husband who watched it along with me last night.

Click on the image below to get more information.

On this page, LINK, there are several short clips. But..I recommend watching the entire film.

I'm adding some of the comments I sent to Kevin after seeing the film.
My husband, Bob, and I watched Marwencol last night. OMG!
I experienced many feelings while watching. First of all I was near tears a few times. Next I was in awe of Mark's innate artistic vision. I also realized that he's not in reality all the time. He goes back and forth between being himself to being a figure in his town. It's tragic that he was cut off from therapy but amazing that he continues to create.
It's an amazing story and I loved it on so many levels.
This was definitely not about dolls nor do I see him as a doll photographer. He is capturing moments of his own life and making them 'concrete.' It keeps him anchored in whatever world he is inhabiting at the moment.
I felt pain during the segments of the art show in NY when he was talking to people who weren't at all connecting with him. When he talks about 'arming' himself before going out of his house I felt terrible. He has so much fear.
This movie is a treasure and should be marketed to therapists and rehabs. It's a perfect movie for recovering alcoholics to view...not that it's about alcoholism, but it's one of the tragic results of drinking...inappropriate talk under the influence. He knew exactly why those guys beat him up.
The funniest part of the movie was his perception of Greenwich Village and what he thought he'd see there.
I was a little shocked with the revelation of his cross-dressing penchant but it tied in when he talked about what he said in the bar that caused the beating.
I feel like I want to give him things and I may put together a package of art materials and doll stuff and bring it over to that hobby shop so they can give it to him. I have tons of stuff he might be able to use.
I was happy to see that half way through the movie he got a digital camera. I actually have that same film Pentax he was using in the beginning! It's a great camera. 
I agree that although it's not about dolls specifically, the part in which he talks about forgetting everything else and just being involved with the dolls is very relevant and I identified with that.
I've heard many collectors say that their cares and worries disappear when they're playing with their dolls.
I sometimes feel like that myself but on the dark side of that concept is that so many treat their dolls better than they treat themselves and their families and they also spend money that should be used otherwise.

If you have seen this film, please add your comments below.


Sybarite Swallow

This was the first time I put a Tyler gown on a Sybarite and I was thrilled that it fit.

Then I messed around in Photoshop with layers and digital backgrounds.  I still have to teach myself to create a "floor" so the doll doesn't look as if she's floating as she appears above.

CDDC Challenge Three

The designers have posted their entries for challenge three. The task was to create a couture fashion that mixed iconic elements of famous fashion design houses which are at different ends of the fashion spectrum. This was called a fashion mash up challenge. Great challenge!

One of the beginner entries: while I'm not convinced that this is fashion couture as opposed to costume, it's certainly worthy of praise.

Another beginner was spot on in her explanation and fulfillment of the task.

The following three are fashions I would love to own for my dolls. They look gorgeous. All are from entries in the intermediate category.

In the advanced group, there is one fashion that is intriguing and I would definitely dress my doll in if one detail were changed.

It should be really interesting to see the judges remarks.


Tonner 2012 - Part 2

When I read the name of this doll "Simone Basic" I got all excited but then I saw that it was a 13" doll. I was hoping for a new doll to add to my existing 10" Tiny Kitty/Simone Rouge collection. Boo Hoo. The good news is that the two new 13" dolls have prettier faces than the existing 13"ers. However, there are better articulated 12"-13"  dolls already crowding the market.

Wigged Simone Basic $89.99
 Suzette is an older Tonner sculpt seen previously on 16" dolls.
Suzette Basic $89.99

 I don't collect the 22" Models, DeeAnna Denton or Peggy Harcourt but there are many new basics, dressed dolls and outfits for these dolls. 
Belladonna Outfit for 22" American Model  $189.99
DeeAnna's New Look Outfit Fits 16" Curvaceous body such as the new DeeAnna Denton and the NuMood Curvy body $109.99

In the Antoinette, Cami, Jon lines there are five new dressed dolls, five basic dolls and six separate outfits. The doll that appeals to me most of all is the Cami "Soho Sheer."
Soho Sheer $169.99
I'm a sucker for a full head of curls and Tonner always does these hairstyles very well. I don't think the outfit is worth much though.

Steam Funk Cami will be very popular IMO. I ordered her. She is wigged with inset eyes and lashes and the outfit is very cute.  The boots have zippers up the back. No fiddling with strings required. But....lose the patch or get a parrot.
Steam Funk Cami $169.99
This is the hottest outfit of all. It's called New York Jet. (No relation to the NY Jets.) It comes with the wig as shown and is for the Antoinette body. I'd be all over it if it were Tyler sized. I can see a Sybarite in it looking fabulous. However, Jon looks drop dead gorgeous in this picture.
New York Jet Outfit $124.99

Another cute outfit is Dynamic Red:
Dynamic Red $109.99
My overall impression of these collections is good. I see change. Many of the fashions have a modern edge. Tonner has mixed up the offerings in a unique way by offering wigged and rooted dolls, inset and painted eyed dolls and dolls with applied lashes. I don't see highly a recognizable new sculpt in Precarious.

I feel like we've seen her before. So many of the characters begin look alike except for their clothes. Maybe that's the way it goes.

There is much more. Click here to see the entire release.

Tonner 2012 PRECARIOUS

There are a lot of dolls and fashions to talk about but IMO the star of the release is the new Precarious. Precarious is a group consisting of one basic doll, three dressed dolls and three separately packaged outfits.
Tonner has taken his love of fantasy and fabulous fabrics and created edgy couture-like fashions. This doll has the Antoinette body with applied eyelashes. The blue-haired doll, Intriguing, is a little over the top for my taste but I love the lace catsuit and the heeless shoes.
My favorites are Party Girl, Scandal Swingtime and Decadence is a fabulous outfit as well.

Simply Precarious  DRESSED DOLL  LE500 (Comes with two wigs)
T12PFBD01    $124.99
Intriguing DRESSED DOLL  LE300
T12PRDD03    $199.99
Party Girl DRESSED DOLL  LE300
T12PRDD01    $199.99
T12PRDD02    $199.99

Swing Time
T12PROF01    $79.99
T12PROF02    $89.99
Anything Goes
T12PROF03    $99.99


Dust Off The Credit Cards; Tonner Mainline Release Tomorrow

 Click on the image to hear Robert Tonner discuss what's coming next. Very intriguing! The rest of the 2012 Toy Fair line is about to go live.

Breaking News! A Wilde Weekend - Save the Date!

Note: The underlined links in the image are non-functional. Go to Facebook or Wilde Imagination for more information.

Your input on doll photography is requested.

I have begun to plan a series of articles and would like to address the needs of collectors who photograph their dolls. It would be wonderful if you could take a little time to answer any or all of the following questions and send them to me via email. If you want you can answer them here as well. If you have anything else to add, feel free!
Thanks in advance.

-What areas of your doll photography would you like to improve?
-What aspects of your camera don’t you understand?
-What are your biggest challenges with doll photography?
-Do any of your photographic results displease you?
-Do you have questions about doll photography?

Image Source



Sybarite Swallow Has Arrived

Swallow is a dream to photograph. These pictures were taken with a point and shoot camera and I don't know if I changed some setting but I haven't taken such good pictures of a doll with this particular camera, ever.
I shot four ways: in sunlight, in shade with flash, in shade without flash and indoors with flash. Three of the ways are represented in the images below. Can you tell which is which?

Swallow is dressed in Apple's outfit which is tight across the bust as you can see. I prefer the newest body type better than this as the newer body poses better and the legs are more secure feeling.

Swallow's original black fashion stained the dolls and I knew in advance that this gal was arriving with stains on her feet and legs mostly with a few across her lower back and a spot or two elsewhere. I spent about an hour with a Mr. Clean eraser pad on her legs and lightened the stains a good deal. I also learned that when sanding resin one should wear a dust mask. Duh.

Spoiler alert below...don't continue unless you are not planning to guess about the pictures.






Answers to Question:
1. Shade with flash;
2. 3. & 4. Shade no flash;
5. Sun (Photoshopped;
6. Sun;
8. & 9. Indoors with incandescent lamp light and flash.

Of all these my favorite exposures resulted from the photos shot in the shade. It was bright shade as the sun was still shining. Pictures shot in full sun have a yellow cast as do pictures shot in incandescent (regular light bulbs) light. The camera flash on this point & shoot is not strong enough to overcome the yellow cast of house bulbs although the yellow is less than those shot in sunlight.
Is all of this color of light talk gobbledygook? It's important for accurate color rendition. It is also important if you are still using regular bulbs at home to light your images.

Next I will shoot her in my studio with strobes and my DSLR. I really should use the same camera first as I used today because most digital cameras read color differently. We shall see how ambitious I feel.