Tonner 2012 - Part 2

When I read the name of this doll "Simone Basic" I got all excited but then I saw that it was a 13" doll. I was hoping for a new doll to add to my existing 10" Tiny Kitty/Simone Rouge collection. Boo Hoo. The good news is that the two new 13" dolls have prettier faces than the existing 13"ers. However, there are better articulated 12"-13"  dolls already crowding the market.

Wigged Simone Basic $89.99
 Suzette is an older Tonner sculpt seen previously on 16" dolls.
Suzette Basic $89.99

 I don't collect the 22" Models, DeeAnna Denton or Peggy Harcourt but there are many new basics, dressed dolls and outfits for these dolls. 
Belladonna Outfit for 22" American Model  $189.99
DeeAnna's New Look Outfit Fits 16" Curvaceous body such as the new DeeAnna Denton and the NuMood Curvy body $109.99

In the Antoinette, Cami, Jon lines there are five new dressed dolls, five basic dolls and six separate outfits. The doll that appeals to me most of all is the Cami "Soho Sheer."
Soho Sheer $169.99
I'm a sucker for a full head of curls and Tonner always does these hairstyles very well. I don't think the outfit is worth much though.

Steam Funk Cami will be very popular IMO. I ordered her. She is wigged with inset eyes and lashes and the outfit is very cute.  The boots have zippers up the back. No fiddling with strings required. But....lose the patch or get a parrot.
Steam Funk Cami $169.99
This is the hottest outfit of all. It's called New York Jet. (No relation to the NY Jets.) It comes with the wig as shown and is for the Antoinette body. I'd be all over it if it were Tyler sized. I can see a Sybarite in it looking fabulous. However, Jon looks drop dead gorgeous in this picture.
New York Jet Outfit $124.99

Another cute outfit is Dynamic Red:
Dynamic Red $109.99
My overall impression of these collections is good. I see change. Many of the fashions have a modern edge. Tonner has mixed up the offerings in a unique way by offering wigged and rooted dolls, inset and painted eyed dolls and dolls with applied lashes. I don't see highly a recognizable new sculpt in Precarious.

I feel like we've seen her before. So many of the characters begin look alike except for their clothes. Maybe that's the way it goes.

There is much more. Click here to see the entire release.

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