CDDC Challenge Three

The designers have posted their entries for challenge three. The task was to create a couture fashion that mixed iconic elements of famous fashion design houses which are at different ends of the fashion spectrum. This was called a fashion mash up challenge. Great challenge!

One of the beginner entries: while I'm not convinced that this is fashion couture as opposed to costume, it's certainly worthy of praise.

Another beginner was spot on in her explanation and fulfillment of the task.

The following three are fashions I would love to own for my dolls. They look gorgeous. All are from entries in the intermediate category.

In the advanced group, there is one fashion that is intriguing and I would definitely dress my doll in if one detail were changed.

It should be really interesting to see the judges remarks.


  1. I'd love to own any of the 3 in the intermediate category.

  2. Mary Dearing3/22/12, 11:38 PM

    I'd be willing to wear the beginners efforts, the first one would be special occasion but Oh what a presence I would be!