Vivid Encounter Adele Makeda Review

My first of the new FR2 bodied dolls has arrived. I purchased her for the fashion which is beautifully constructed and quite pretty.

The bodice details are perfection and the fabric drapes very nicely. There are no 'cons' to this doll at all....unless one stops to consider whether or not this is Adele. To me, she is not Adele. If she had been manufactured using the Adele 2.0 head mold, I probably would not be selling the nude doll.

Perhaps using this Muse Adele as a comparison is unfair because she was arguably the most gorgeous Adele ever produced. Her dark creamy vinyl, the gorgeous screening and her flocked head are incomparable.

On the other hand, this Adele 3.0 looks dull in every way imaginable.
IT Photo
In looking at my first photo above, it looks like one arm is out of it's socket more than the other.  I wonder if she has a pop-it bead body. That's what I'm calling them.  W Club members were sent a deceitful letter that said in part:
"As many of you who have received the Agnes and Natalia Fatale dolls that are currently shipping may have noticed, the Integrity Toys design team updated the functionality of the female FR body to make it even more versatile and adaptable!
Starting with these two dolls, you will now be able to not only swap the hands at will, but also detach the limbs from the body at the elbows, shoulders, bust line and knees to make dressing the dolls in ultra tight fitting clothes without the need to stretch the fashions and/or run the risk of damaging them! "
How would people have noticed? Does everyone pull the arms and legs off their dolls when they first get them?  Seriously?
I have never had to remove more than hands to dress a doll easily...except when I had to remove a head to take off a necklace Integrity made without an opening big enough for a neck. Perhaps they're planning more of that.
Anyway, they claim that this new change with enable people to get replacement parts more easily. That's ominous depending upon how you look at it.

What made me laugh was this warning:
Definitely a good suggestion. 

And what ever happened to the face switching feature?


Barbie-inspired Moschino Runway Show in Milan

Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, put on a Barbie-inspired fashion show in Milan yesterday. As the models went down the runway the song, I'm A Barbie Girl (Aqua) played.
The audience received a Barbie doll dressed similarly to the first model down the runway:

Check out these fashions.

Some of them are a little scary - even for Barbie.

 Some would be perfect for the 12" crowd.

 I would love to have been at this show. 


Integrity Toys Design Competition: "Edge", By Lisa Ramsammy

In October 2013, the Official Integrity Toys Advanced Design competition took place at the "Premiere" Convention in Los Angeles, California and, at long last, the W Club is honored to introduce the exquisite doll based on Ms. Lisa Ramsammy's winning entry, "Edge" Vanessa Perrin!

The winning design, personally picked by Jason Wu and other members of the Integrity Toys design team, has been translated into a production doll. The fashion is not intricate and the accessories are minimal. I hope Lisa gets a cut of every doll purchased. That could be the reason this doll is priced as she is.

The price for W Club members is $135. The public will pay $150.

The total edition size will be based upon the number of pre-orders and there is no limit at all. That's a first. There could be thousands.

It will be interesting to see how many show up on eBay immediately and at what price. 
I was going to order one until I compared a close up of Poesie with Edge. I do not like the lips on the new Vanessa at all. They are pinched and phony-looking.

Here they are side by side:

Several W Club members commented that she reminded them of Poesie Sans Couleur. No way. Her lips are awful.

So...I will not be ordering this Vanessa. It feels good to say no to Vanessa.


2014 Modern Doll Collector Convention - Deja Vu by Tonner Doll Company

Two lovely Deja Vu dolls debuted at the Tonner "At The Races" event at the Modern Doll Collector Convention on Saturday 9/13/14.

Centerpiece Emma Jean "Moonlit Ball"

Emma Jean Day at the Races Souvenir Doll 

There is no information yet on availability or prices. Keep watching my page on Facebook for more information.