Integrity Toys Design Competition: "Edge", By Lisa Ramsammy

In October 2013, the Official Integrity Toys Advanced Design competition took place at the "Premiere" Convention in Los Angeles, California and, at long last, the W Club is honored to introduce the exquisite doll based on Ms. Lisa Ramsammy's winning entry, "Edge" Vanessa Perrin!

The winning design, personally picked by Jason Wu and other members of the Integrity Toys design team, has been translated into a production doll. The fashion is not intricate and the accessories are minimal. I hope Lisa gets a cut of every doll purchased. That could be the reason this doll is priced as she is.

The price for W Club members is $135. The public will pay $150.

The total edition size will be based upon the number of pre-orders and there is no limit at all. That's a first. There could be thousands.

It will be interesting to see how many show up on eBay immediately and at what price. 
I was going to order one until I compared a close up of Poesie with Edge. I do not like the lips on the new Vanessa at all. They are pinched and phony-looking.

Here they are side by side:

Several W Club members commented that she reminded them of Poesie Sans Couleur. No way. Her lips are awful.

So...I will not be ordering this Vanessa. It feels good to say no to Vanessa.


  1. I have to agree on Vanessa.3.0's 'phony' look... her lips and flat face look as if she O.D.'d on too many Restylane and Botox cocktails.

    I do love Lisa's creation/gown. It has a slick, edgy look while still remaining feminine and even a bit (MOD)retro as someone stated on the forum.
    The accessories are out of left field however. It's as if she borrowed them from Victoire Roux. ;)

    There are so many 'edgy' gladiator FR2 shoes that would have looked so much better with this gown- as well as more streamlined jewelry. The overall look [of the fashion] is attractive but, the production accessories diminish the look of modern 'edge' to the point of distraction.

    Lisa's original creation is so much more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing on a whole.

  2. When I saw the first pic, I thought, "oh she's gorg!" but based on the close-up pic, not so much.
    I adore the dress though. I'm a huge fan minimal design that has a punch to it. I'm bet the dress alone will go for $150 on ebay.

  3. she reminded me more of Vanessa Miami Glow (because of the Green eyes and the really blond hair with this icy glowing streaks) then Poesie Sans Couleur... But I think most people want to see a replacment in her because they wish so badly they could own the original Vanessa.

    I guess thats the same with this new Club Poppy, the one with the golden gown, as she totally has the Bergdorf Goodman screening. Its just to let the people go crazy about her...

    But I have to admit, that I like this Vanessa really a lot. And the longer I looked at Poesie I didnt like her anymore. I collect FR since 2008 and I can say I really own a lot (150 and counting) and I also have a lot of "Holy Grails" but I would prefer True Royalty instead of Poesie, as I think she is much more special. Of course I would buy her if I would see her at a good price (but I guess even a really good price would still be to much for my pocket) but there a lot more dolls to wish for, at least for me.

  4. I agree with you Terri with the lips, that's the first thing I saw on a Flickr pic, everybody say she is stunning, but she is NOT Vanessa anymore, I am very upset about that cause she should have keep her former look ;-(

  5. Terri says "No!" to the faux! Way to go! don

  6. to me she still is Vanessa, i still love her just as much, this is a great doll with a great fashion, noted the price is alittle high though.and im getting annoyed with that keep creeping up. but another critique is that as for so many years, we should be able to compare the new to the old and see a vast improvement and see the advancements in designer skills and the technology used to screen these, Sadly here demonstrates that the Poesie doll still look superior to the new after so long. thats a shame, and disappointing

  7. I'm probably one of the few who likes the new Vanessa. I'd like to see her painted the same as a 1.0 Vanessa to see how different the differences really are.
    But back to this Vanessa, I am not a fan of the dress or accessories. But I think the doll itself is very pretty. So I did get her.
    I doubt the doll or dress will go for much on ebay, considering EVERYONE can order as many as they want. then again collectors are crazy. So who knows?